Social Implications of Computing

    CS (H)195, Fall 2013

Academic Integrity

We have strong opinions on some of these topics, and we believe that the road to academic integrity is for us to make our biases clear, rather than to pretend not to have opinions. But it's also our job to be sure that the full range of opinion is fairly presented and taken seriously; if, as sometimes happens, most of the class agrees with us about some point we'll do our best to argue the other side of the question. The same standards apply to your papers: You don't have to agree with us; what you have to do is show that you understand and take seriously points of view different from your own, and try to explain why your arguments are better than theirs. (But not every paper is necessarily an opinion paper!)

The student community at UC Berkeley has adopted the following Honor Code: "As a member of the UC Berkeley community, I act with honesty, integrity, and respect for others." The hope and expectation is that you will adhere to this code.

We hope it goes without saying that everything you turn in should be your own work, not quoting from anyone else's work without proper attribution.