Social Implications of Computing

CS 195, Spring 2019

Topics, Readings, and Assignments

Essay Essay Assigned Essay Due Peer Reviews Due
1 Tuesday, Feb 12 Wednesday, Feb 20 Tuesday, Feb 26
2 Monday, Mar 4 Tuesday, Mar 12 Tuesday, Mar 19
3 Monday, Apr 8 Tuesday, Apr 16 Tuesday, Apr 23

1/28 Wealth (Slides)

Optional: Barrera, Jeff, "In Search of Cheaper Housing, Silicon Valley Workers Face Long Commutes"

2/4 Privacy (Slides)

Popken, Ben, "Sites Spying on You in Weird New Ways, Princeton Study Exposes"

Menand, Louis, "Why Do We Care So Much About Privacy?"

Homayoun, Ana, "The Secret Social Media Lives of Teenagers"

Optional: Rachels, James, "Why Privacy is Important" (VPN required)

Optional: Powazek, Derek, "I'm Not The Product, But I Play One on the Internet"

de Cardenas, Antonio, "Patent vs. Copyright Protection for Computer Software" (short, read first)

Stallman, Richard, "Misinterpreting Copyright—A Series of Errors"

Mullin, Joe, "'Your criticisms are completely wrong': Stallman on software patents, 20 years in"

Optional: Stallman, Richard, "The Danger of Software Patents" (video)

Optional: Heckel, Paul, "Debunking the Software Patent Myths"

Essay 1: Instructions and submission information can be found here.

2/18 No Class

2/25 Jobs

3/4 Free Speech

3/11 News & Politics

3/18 Governments

3/25 No Class

4/1 Software Risks and Algorithmic Bias

4/8 Professional Ethics

4/15 Finance

4/22 Corporations

4/29 War