Handouts for CS250: VLSI Systems Design

Fall 2009

Lab 1 (Version 092509a): GCD: VLSI's Hello World
Lab 2 (Version 092509a): Write and Synthesize a Two-Stage SMIPSv2 Processor
Lab 3 (Version 092509a): ASIC Implementation of a Two-Stage SMIPSv2 Processor with On-Chip Synchronous RAM Blocks

Tutorial 1 (Version 092509a): Using SVN to Manage Source RTL
Tutorial 2 (Version 092509a): Bits and Pieces of CS250's toolflow
Tutorial 3 (Version 092509a): Build, Run, and Write SMIPS Programs
Tutorial 4 (Version 092509a): Simulating Verilog RTL using Synopsys VCS
Tutorial 5 (Version 092509a): RTL-to-Gates Synthesis using Synopsys Design Compiler
Tutorial 8 (Version 093009a): Pushing SRAM Blocks through CS250's Toolflow
Tutorial 9 (Version 120509a): UC Berkeley Simulated SRAM Compiler

SMIPS Specification: SMIPS Specification