Course Information for CS250: VLSI Systems Design

Fall 2014

Catalog Description: VLSI Systems Design

4 units. Three hours of lecture per week, plus one hour of section per week. Labs. Prerequisites: CS150.

Class Schedule/Rooms

Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30AM-11AM, 320 Soda Hall
Section: TBD


Jonathan Bachrach, Adjunct Assistant Professor, CS Division, EECS Department
Email: jrb at eecs
Office Hours: by appointment, 579A Soda Hall (ASPIRE lab)

Teaching Assistant

Colin Schmidt
Email: colins at eecs
Office Hours: Aspire lab 5th floor Soda, one of the small conference rooms off the hallway
Wed 10-11am
Thurs 11-11:30am (immediately after class)
Fri 9:30-10am

Please begin all email subject lines with [cs250] so that we can respond more quickly.


The course has a Piazza site that we will use to answer questions.

Course Materials

There is an optional textbook CMOS VLSI Design: A Circuits and Systems Perspective by Neil H.E. Weste and David Money Harris.
This is suggested but optional and provides a great compnaion to the course.
Amazon Link

You can also learn some more about scala for use in chisel here.
There are plenty of tutorials on-line for learning scala as well including several moocs basic and advanced.

Course Grading

5%Class Discussion

See also Departmental Grading Guidelines for Graduate Courses.


The six labs will provide hands-on experience with the VLSI tools and design space exploration. See the handouts page for more info.

Late Labs Policy

Each student gets a total of six late days they can spend to extend the lab deadlines for any reason. No other extensions will be given, unless for serious documented emergencies.

Collaboration Policy

Students are encouraged to discuss the lab assignments with other students, but complete their own labs, write their own code, and turn in their own lab report.