Course Calendar for CS252: Graduate Computer Architecture

Fall 2007

Schedule subject to change. Readings are shown by class in which they will be discussed.

Date Lecture Readings Due
Tue Aug 28 L1: Introduction ppt pdf Ch. 1, App. A  
Thu Aug 30 L2: Metrics, ISAs, Pipelining ppt pdf App. B  
Tue Sep 4 L3: Memory Hierarchy Review ppt pdf Practice quiz Practice quiz solutions
Thu Sep 6 Prerequisite Quiz   Prereq quiz solutions
Tue Sep 11 L4: Instruction-Level Parallelism, Part 1 ppt pdf Ch. 2.1-2.6 Reading #1, Part A: Summary of B5000 and IBM360 papers.
Thu Sep 13 L5: Instruction-Level Parallelism, Part 2 ppt pdf Ch. 2.7-2.12, Ch. 3.1-3.4 Reading #1, Part B: Summary of RISC/CISC debate.
Tue Sep 18 L6: VLIW, Statically Scheduled ILP ppt pdf App. G Reading #2: Limits of ILP summary.
Thu Sep 20 L7: Vector Computers ppt pdf App. F  
Tue Sep 25 L8: Memory Systems ppt pdf App. C.1-C-3 Email with project team and 1 page PDF proposal
Reading #3: Vector and VLIW papers and appendices summary
Thu Sep 27 L9: Virtual Memory ppt pdf App. C.4-C.8, Ch. 5  
Tue Oct 2 No Lecture, Project Group Meetings Midterm 1 Practice Problems Midterm 1 Practice Solutions
Thu Oct 4 No Lecture, Project Group Meetings    
Tue Oct 9 L10: Multiprocessors, Part 1 ppt pdf Ch. 4  
Thu Oct 11 Midterm 1 (L1-L9)   La Vals, Pizza/Drinks at 7:00pm
Tue Oct 16 L11: Multiprocessors, Part 2 ppt pdf    
Thu Oct 18 L12: Multiprocessors, Part 3 ppt pdf    
Tue Oct 23 No Lecture, Project Group Meetings    
Thu Oct 25 No Lecture, Project Group Meetings Memory Models Problems
Memory Models Solutions
Midterm 1 Solutions
Tue Oct 30 L13: Multithreading ppt pdf    
Thu Nov 1 L14: Embedded Computing ppt pdf App. D  
Tue Nov 6 L15: Virtual Machines ppt pdf Ch. 5.4-5.9 Reading #4: Memory consistency models.
Thu Nov 8 L16: IO Systems ppt pdf Ch. 6 Snoopy Cache Problems
Snoopy Cache Solutions
Fri Nov 9 ISCA Abstract Deadline    
Tue Nov 13 No Lecture, Project Group Meetings  
Thu Nov 15 No Lecture, Project Group Meetings   Directory Protocol and Multithreading Problems
Directory Protocol and Multithreading Solutions
Mon Nov 19 ISCA Submission Deadline    
Tue Nov 20 Midterm 2 (L10-L16)   La Vals, Pizza/Drinks at 7:00pm
Thu Nov 22 Thanksgiving Vacation    
Tue Nov 27 L17: Parallel Architectures ppt pdf App. H Midterm 2 Solutions
Thu Nov 29 No lecture.    
Tue Dec 4 No lecture.    
Thu Dec 6 Project presentations, all day    
Mon Dec 10     Final project papers due