Announcements for CS252: Graduate Computer Architecture

Fall 2007

Nov 27: Midterm 2 Solutions are posted.
Nov 14: Directory-based cache coherence protocol and multithreading practice problems and solutions are posted.
Nov 14: Since the midterm is on Tues, Nov 20, Rose will be holding office hours (for next week only) on Monday, Nov 19, 5pm, 651 Soda. Please note the room change (651 Soda).
Nov 7: Snoopy cache practice problems and solutions are posted.
Oct 27: Memory Models practice problems and solutions are posted.
Oct 25: Midterm 1 Solutions are posted.
Oct 24: Rose's office hours are moved to Tuesdays 5-6pm, 751 Soda, starting Tuesday 10/30/07. Today's office hours are still 4-5, 751 Soda.
Oct 3: Midterm 1 Practice Problems and solutions are available.
Sep 30: Videos of lectures can be checked out in Rm. 205, McLaughlin.
Sep 25: The class calendar has been updated. We've spread out lectures some more, and left more time for project group meetings. Also, the second midterm has moved back a week.
Sep 17: Projects page up on web site. Email with project team members and 1 page proposal due on September 25.
Sep 16: Prereq quiz solutions are posted here.
Sep 7: The bspace site, named cs252, has been activated. Papers can be found under "Resources", and writing assignments can be found under "Assignments". Assignments are due before lecture (9:30am). Please submit assignments electronically through the bspace site.
Sep 6: The first paper reading assignments are now posted on the reading page. To give you more time, we have split the first assignment into two parts, with the second part due on Thursday. We will post or email info on how to obtain the papers shortly.
Aug 31: Practice pre-req quiz and solutions available. Please attempt this before the review session on Tuesday.