Lecture slides and files

Aug 27

Introduction to CS3

slides; code

Sep 3

(holiday, no lecture)

Sep 10

Review; Conditional expressions; introduction to case studies

slides; code

There are two things I mentioned in lecture that you might look at. The first was "eliza", one of the first artificial intelligence programs. It is essentially a big cond, like your answer program, that carries on a somewhat convincing conversation with you. Google "eliza" if you are interested.

The second was the Scheme standard, called "R5RS". This document contains a reference to all scheme procedures. Note that many of the things we use in this class -- in particular, words and sentences -- are not part of standard scheme.

Sep 17

Data abstraction;
Introduction to recursion

Slides; short dates code

Sep 24

More recursion; Midterm Review

Slide, code (with solutions to problems at end of slides).

Note: there is an extra midterm-like problem, on the last slide, that was not covered in lecture.

Oct 1

Midterm exam I

Oct 8

Advanced recursion

slides, code

Oct 15

Introduce higher order procedures

slides, code

Oct 22

Higher-order procedures

slides, code

Oct 29

Tree Recursion, exam review

slides, code

Nov 5

Midterm exam 2

Nov 12

(holiday, no lecture)

Nov 19

Lists, background for projects


Nov 26

Advanced Lists

Slides (with notes at end), code

Dec 3

Course summary, Guest Lecture (CS at Berkeley)

CS at Cal slides, CS in industry slides

Dec 10

Exam Review

Slides, summary of lab materials handout,
Review problems, solutions