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Gamesman: Shall We Play a Game? is a fun, enjoyable project emphasizing data abstraction and game theory to beginning computer science students.
A SIGCSE 2002 Nifty Project(tm)

News & Updates (old updates)

2008-12-01 @ 11:58PM : The requirements for final submission are listed under Final Submission. Some things that you will need past checkoff 2 requirements:

  • simple graphics (init-canvas, draw-position)
  • compulsory rule change
  • user rule change (make up a rule of your own)
  • txt files and game trees listed (details above link)
Some things to be wary about. Your isolation.txt should include the test cases from checkoff 1 and additional test cases that test the game with rule changes. Be sure that your game still works if the initial position is changed to a larger board. Please take a look at the detailed requirements

2008-11-07 @ 11:58AM : An additional requirement has been added for Checkoff 1. You must write test cases for all required procedures to get full credit on Checkoff 1. This includes procedures that you will write for Checkoff 2. Use the test case library!

2008-11-06 @ 4:37PM : The worksheet incorrectly states the domain of get-num-rows and get-num-cols as a board. The input for those procedures should be a position.

2008-11-06 @ 11:22AM : The instructions for running gamesman have been updated.
Instead of stk -load gamesman,
run stk from the terminal
STk> (load "gamesman")
STk> (gamesman)

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