Introduction to Symbolic Programming
Instructor: Mike Clancy

Fall 2009 Course Reader

Advice from former students
Introduction to UCWISE
One Page Introduction to UNIX: Manipulating directories, files, and applications
Emacs Reference Card: A handy list of Emacs commands
Scheme Coding Conventions: Tips for being a better Scheme coder
Integer Division and its Uses: You'll use this when working with the Difference Between Dates case study, and at other times throughout the course
Evaluation of Scheme Expressions: The rules of the Scheme evaluator
The Replacement Modeler: You will use this tool in the second half of the course

Difference Between Dates case study
Difference Between Dates case study (recursive solution) Appendix C
Difference Between Dates case study (higher order function solution)
Roman Numerals case study
Change Making case study

Spring 2004 exams (Mike Clancy, instructor)

Exam 1
Exam 2