CS3 Spring 2007 Lectures

Jan 15

(holiday, no lecture)


Jan 22

Early Scheme concepts (functions, words, sentences), conditionals

Slides, code

Jan 29

Review; Conditional expressions; introduction to case studies

Slides, code
(Also, here is a exemplar solution to the answer procedure you wrote last week)

Feb 5

Data abstraction

Slides, first-code, short-dates-code
(also, here is the original card-greater? exam question and solutions)

Feb 12

Introduction to recursion; Midterm Review

Slides, code, recursion examples (pdf).

Feb 19

(holiday, no lecture))


Feb 20

(Special review/lecture)

Slides, solution to day-sum bugs problem, solution to between?, solution to sub-sentence

Feb 26

Midterm Exam 1


Mar 5



Mar 12

Introduction to higher-order procedures

slides (notes are at the end)

Mar 19

Higher order procedures

Slides (notes with solutions at end)

Mar 26

(spring break)


Apr 2

Tree Recursion

Slides (notes with solutions at end)

Apr 9

Midterm Exam 2


Apr 16

Lists, background for projects


Apr 23

Advanced Lists, Project review


Apr 30

Course summary, Guest Lecture (CS at Berkeley)


May 7

Exam Review

Slides, review problems and solutions