University of California, Berkeley
EECS Department - Computer Science Division

CS3L OaW Lecture 15
Course Summary

Final Exam Questions and other Announcements

Past (what have we learned?)

Overview : Functional programming

Functions and Datatypes

Functions as Data

Recursion -- one of the BIG IDEAS of cs3

Functional and Data Abstraction -- the other BIG IDEA of cs3

Other fun computing applications

Managing large programs

Present (where are we now?)

What can we do with what we've learned?

Future (where can you go?)

Future opportunities to help teach CS3L

Future Class - CS61A: The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs [4 units]

Future Class - CS61BL: Data Structures [4 units]

Future Class - CS61C: Machine Structures [4 units]

MS-DOS X (Macintosh Student Developers for OS X) [2 units, P/NP]

UCBUGG (UC Berkeley Undergraduate Graphics Group) [2 units, P/NP]

GamesCrafters (Undergraduate Computational Game Theory Research and Development) [2 units, P/NP]

Electrical Engineering



If, years later, when your education is put into perspective, you believe CS3L was a positive or memorable or life-changing experience, let me know! The following email will always allow you to contact me:

In lab this week you'll...

In life this week you'll see...