Welcome to Computer Science 3!

Introduction to Symbolic Programming
Summer 2008


University of California, Berkeley
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Colleen Lewis, Instructor

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Soda 273
Monday - Thursday 9-12 and Friday 10-12


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Tentative Summer Schedule:

Week Day Date Topic Reading due before class Homework Due
at 11:59pm
Lecture Notes
Week #1 M June 23 UCWise & Scheme chapters 3-4 n/a pdfppt
  Tu (C) June 24 Words and Sentences chapter 5 Hwk1 pdfppt
  W (G) June 25 Conditional expressions chapter 6 Hwk2 pdfppt
  Th (G) June 26 Conditionals and sentences   Hwk3 pdfppt
  F (C) June 27 Difference between Dates - case study Difference between dates case study - version 1 Hwk4 pdfppt
Week #2 M (G) June 30 More Difference between Dates/Start mini-project 1   Hwk5 pdfppt
  Tu (G) July 1 Review   Hwk6 midterm review  pdfpptsolutions
  W (G) July 2 Review   n/a pdfppt
  Th (C) July 3 Midterm 1   n/a examsolution
  F (C) July 4 No Class   n/a  
Week #3 M (C) July 7 Recursion Intro chapter 11 Mini-Project 1 pdfppt
  Tu (C) July 8 Recursion Rocks! Difference between dates case study - version 2 Hwk7 pdfppt
  W (G) July 9 Recursion Rocks Again! chapter 12 and Roman Numerals Case Study Hwk8 pdfppt
  Th (G) July 10 Accumulating Recursion and Bowling chapter 13 Hwk9 pdfpptRecursion Patterns
  F (G) July 11 Bad Ass Recursion, compress and occurs-in   No HWK due pdfppt
Week #4 M (C) July 14 Bugs and Two-Stage Recursion chapter 14 Hwk11 (bowling) pdfppt
  Tu (C) July 15 Number Spelling Miniproject   Hwk12 (compressed) and Hwk13 (occurs-in?) pdfppt
  W (G) July 16 Procedures as Arguments chapter 7   pdfppt
  Th (G) July 17 Higher-Order Functions (HOF) chapter 8 Mini-project 2 pdfppt  
  F (G) July 18 Big programs with HOF chapter 9   pdfppt
Week #5 M (C) July 21 Modifying Tick-Tac-Toe chapter 10 & Difference between dats case study - version 3 (HOF)   pdfppt
  Tu (C) July 22 Elections Mini-Project     pdfppt
  W (G) July 23 Elections Mini-Project Making Change Case Study   pdfppt
  Th (G) July 24 Tree Recursion - Making Change     pdf,  ppt
  F(G) July 25 Review   Mini-project 3 pdfppt
Code from lecture
Practice problems
Week #6 M (C) July 28 Review     Practice problem solutions
  Tu (C) July 29 Midterm 2     examsolution
  W (G) July 30 Lists chapter 17   pdfppt
  Th (G) July 31 Advanced List Stuff chapter 19   pdfppt
  F (G) August 1 Generalized Lists and Trees     pdfppt
Week #7 M (G) August 4 Sequential Programming chapter 20   pdfppt
  Tu (G) August 5 Final Projects     pdfppt
  W (G) August 6 Final Projects   Check Off 1 pdfppt
  Th (C) August 7 Final Projects     pdfppt
  F (C) August 8 Final Projects   Check Off 2  
Week #8 M (C) August 11 Final Projects   Check Off 3  
  Tu (G) August 12 Final Projects   Final Project Due Web Lecture: ppt, pdf
  W (G) August 13 Final Review      
  Th (G) August 14 Final Review      
  F (C) August 15 Final