CS301 Spring 2002

What's New?

  • 2002-03-15


    Name Email Office Phone Number Office Hours
    Dan Garcia ddgarcia@cs.berkeley.edu 795 Soda x2-9595 M 1-2, F 2-3
    Christopher Hirsch chirsch@uclink4.berkeley.edu N/A N/A By e-mail appt

    Class Schedule:

    Fridays 11:30am-1:00pm in 310 Soda

    The class meets for 10 weeks. Check out the syllabus.

    What is this all about?

    CS301 is a class for new graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants. We want to create a community where teaching assistants can go to provide support for one another, foster discussion of ideas, offer suggestions, and accept complaints. We will also have a theme to guide each week's discussion section. These themes range from running section, how to be a great TA, preparation and time management, group learning, diversity, group management, grading, testing, and cheating.

    Our #1 goal is to help ordinary TAs become great TAs!

    Why should I attend?

    Because it's good for you...and required. :-)


    In addition to the weekly class meeting, we will have weekly homework, usually consisting of readings. We also ask that you keep an online journal to record your thoughts on TAing as they evolve throughout the term.

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