CS301 Spring 2004

What's New?


Name Email Office Phone Number Office Hours
Dan Garcia ddgarcia@cs.berkeley.edu 795 Soda x2-9595 M 1-2
Clint Ryan ryanc@cs.berkeley.edu 349 Soda   F 12:30-2:30

Class Schedule:

Fridays 2:30pm-4:00pm in 320 Soda

The class meets for 10 weeks. Check out the syllabus.

What is this all about?

CS301 is a class for new graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants. We want to create a community where teaching assistants can go to provide support for one another, foster discussion of ideas, offer suggestions, and accept complaints. We will also have a theme to guide each week's discussion section. These themes range from running section, how to be a great TA, preparation and time management, group learning, diversity, group management, grading, testing, and cheating.

Our #1 goal is to help ordinary TAs become great TAs!

Why should I attend?

Because it's good for you...and required. :-)


In addition to the weekly class meeting, we will have weekly homework, usually consisting of readings.

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