CS370: Introduction to Teaching Computer Science

Spring 2019, Instructors: Christopher Hunn and Bryan Tong


Updated as of Nov. 28th

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  • Calendar

    Unit Week Topic Readings & Homework Tutoring Journal
    Jan 20 Introduction and the Socratic Method tbd N/A
    Jan 27 Questions and Bloom's Taxonomy tbd N/A
    Feb 03 2-Sigma Effect and Tackling Misconceptions tbd tbd
    Feb 10 Memory and Mindsets tbd tbd
    Feb 17 Teaching Hard Topics tbd tbd
    Feb 24 Lost Students, Motivation, and Setting Goals tbd tbd
    March 3 Group Teaching Exercise #1 N/A tbd
    March 10 Midterm and Q&A tbd tbd
    March 17 Spring Break :) Enjoy!
    Social Factors
    March 24 GPS Syndrome, TPSS, and Midterm Reflection tbd tbd
    March 31 Imposter Syndrome and Stereotype Threat tbd tbd
    April 7 Diversity and Unconscious Bias N/A tbd
    April 14 Guest Lectures tbd tbd
    April 21 Group Teaching Exercise #2 tbd tbd
    April 28 Final Exam and Conclusion Final Project (con't)