CS 301, Fall 2002


Mike Clancy (Senior Lecturer, CS Faculty GSI Advisor, Coordinator for Lower-Division Courses)
779 Soda, 642-7017, clancy@cs

Course miscellany

Our course control number is 27367. This is a 1-unit course.

We'll meet 9 to 10:30am on Mondays for the first eleven weeks of the semester. (That's ten meetings, since Labor Day is a holiday.) A signup list will be passed around each week during class. Class will consist of presentations by a variety of speakers and discussions among the 301 participants. There will be a few homework assignments, involving activities such as visiting and evaluating a fellow t.a. and designing a lesson plan for an alternative teaching method. There's a book--Tools for Teaching, by Barbara Gross Davis--that's available at the local bookstores; we'll refer to it from time to time.

EE 301, a version of this course for t.a.s in electrical engineering, meets Monday 5-6:30pm in 247 Cory. Sheila Ross is the instructor. T.a.s for EECS 150 will probably benefit more from the EE section.

My goals

Good teaching seems to result from some combination of planning, practice, and taking advantage of one's strengths. In this course, I hope to expose you to some alternatives for running a class that you may not have thought of, and alert you to things for which you may wish to plan. I hope also that you will benefit from feedback from fellow 301 participants within 301 itself and in the classes you run.