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September 1, 2004

* Attendance is compulsory in order to receive a "pass" in the class.

* Friday September 3rd is the first day of class. If you are enrolled in the class please go to Foothill's DC at noon. If you are in the waiting list please go to 405 Soda Hall at 1:00pm.

September 7, 2004

* Everyone please bring a couple of photos and your camera to the class this Friday September 10, 2004.

* Please send me an email with your contact info and a black & white snapshot of yours if you have one. No worries if you don't; I will take a picture of you to put on the website.

September 11, 2004

* Please make sure that you get a cardkey and set up an account with EECS instructional labs as soon as possible. Jen and I will be in the lab (Cory199), Wednesday September 15th, from ~5:00pm to 6:00pm or maybe later if necessary. I am going to try to get the snapshots during that hour and set up the student web page by the end of next week, so make sure that you either send me a picture of you or drop by on Wednesday. We will also help you set up a web site for yourself, where you can store your pictures and send us the pointers instead of the files.

* I still haven't received the contact info of many of you. Please do so as soon as possible.

* There are some links on the Schedule & Notes page. More notes and the assignment to appear shortly.


September 15, 2004

* We had a lab section today. You are by no means required to attend these infrequent and informal meetings, but I believe it saves you a lot of hours of confusion if you do. In any case, you are responsible for doing what we did during the lab. Ask me on Friday to hand you a "new account" form. You should then go to the lab (Cory 199), login to your account, change the Windows and Unix passwords, and set up a website. You will need this done by next Wednesday, so you can submit your first assignment. So please take it seriously. We also did a little tutorial of the film/slide scanner. Finally, I took pictures of those who came to the lab and created a folder for them on our website; those of you who didn't come to the lab today will have one last chance on Friday!!

* If you don't have a card key to the lab, please get it as soon as possible. You will need it.


October 1, 2004

* Next week the class will meet in the Crossroad DC for lunch and then we will go to the Sproul Plaza to take pictures from the following event:

12-1:30 p.m.: NOON RALLY AROUND POLICE CAR IN SPROUL PLAZA, with dissection of the Patriot Act:
singer Terry Garthwaite, M.C.s Bettina Aptheker* & Misha Leybovich* [ASUC Pres.], Jackie Goldberg* [State Assemblywoman], Howard Dean* [ex-Presidential candidate], Bob Kearney* (ACLU), Tony Serra* [attorney], Robert Birgeneau* [new UCB Chancellor], Julia Vinograd* [poet], Becca Cramer* [campus ACLU]

* The second assignment is due this Wednesday (10/06/04). Please email me the URL no later than 4:00pm.


October 8, 2004

* Just a reminder, we will meet at LaVal's at 2516 Durant @ Telegraph. Meet at noon in the banquet room behind
the big screen.



October 15, 2004

* Mr. Richard Lyon, the chief scientist of Foveon gave a lecture today for the class. His presentation can be downloaded here; he also had a handout that I am sure you'll find interesting.

Here are some useful links related to the lecture today:

Info pages

Battery info and also batteries

and finally forum.

(With many thanks to Dick for both the presentation and the info)


November 8, 2004

* The 4th assignment (subject: people) is due this Wednesday (November 10th). Please remember that even if you want to show slides you need to send me the scanned pictures by Wednesday.

* This Friday (November 12th) we will meet at Crossroad dining common at noon for lunch, and then visit Berkeley Art Museum (@2626 Bancroft Way http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu).


November 12, 2004

* The next assignment is on "depth of field" and the idea is to make some images that exploit depth of field to enhance their effectiveness. That is due on Wednesday 24th Nov.

* The final assignment will be a collaborative effort where the sequencing of everyone's image will be part of the project. Carlos and Jen will be the coordinators, with Jen being in charge of the web/computer aspect ... the theme is color wheel, with each
student handling a different color. That is due on Wednesday Dec. 7th for showing in our final class on Friday Dec. 9th.

November 17, 2004

* Gale Jesi will be the guest speaker this Friday Nov. 19th. She graduated from UC Berkeley in fine arts in 1990 and did graduate work at UC Davis. She is currently a teacher in fine art and photography, including sculpture, at San Francisco University High School. She is very experienced in studying photography; she says that the more she looks at it, the more depth and philosophical meaning it has. One question is, "What does it mean to you to look at a photograph?"

* The intervening Friday, Nov. 26 is part of the Thanksgiving holiday.
On Dec. 2, we will do a crit.




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