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Instructor: Brian A. Barsky

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E-mail: barsky@cs.berkeley.edu


Homepage: www.cs.berkeley.edu/~barsky


Office: 785 Soda


Phone: (510)642-9838


Office Hours: Wednesday and Friday 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Brian Barsky received his Ph.D. from the University of Utah in computer science and joined the Berkeley faculty. His research interests are CAD/CAM, computer-aided geometric design and modeling, computer graphics, geometric modeling, visualization in scientific computing, and computer-aided cornea modeling and visualization.

Brian A. Barsky

Photograph of the Class

[Photograph of the group]

Back row: Simone Ortega, Lucas Wu, Aristotle Sun, Rita Chu, Jennifer Cheng, Diane Huang, Inna Parizher, Michael Bina, Steven Chan.
Middle row:
Nushin Sarkarati, Michael Fu, Chris Restivo, Priscilla Chang, Kirsten Schroeder, Gidon Weisberg, Chris Wong.
Very front row: Kawaldeep Grewal, Prof. Brian A. Barsky.

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