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April 8, 2005

* The Apple / Berkeley photo contest is http://www.ucbmug.org/contest/
Please note that the deadline is this Monday!
* A friendly reminder that our class is part of the "Food for Thought"
Series http://fss.berkeley.edu/about/food.html
In this program, the informal lunch is part of the class.
If you would prefer to skip this, please talk with professor Barsky about that. Also note that attending the lecture each week is compulsory in order to receive a "pass" in the class.
If you cannot attend that one week, please check with professor Barsky in advance of the class.
* Update to the class schedule, subject to change:

April 8: Dick Lyon, VP of Research at Foveon
April 15: Muybridge lecture
April 22: Field trip to Berkeley Art Museum
April 29: Gale Jesi lecture
May 6: last class


February 26, 2005

* The Depth-of-field notes can be found here.


February 2, 2005

* There will be an interesting talk related to the topic of perspective on Friday afternoon, 4 February 2005; 4:00 to 5:00 PM in Room 489, Minor Hall:

Speaker: David Stork

Title: Did the great masters "cheat" using optics?
The mysterious rise in naturalism in Renaissance painting

January 28, 2005

* There will be a lab section on January 31st, 5:30pm at Cory199. Please make sure you attend as I will give out your EECS account registration forms, help you set up your accounts and show you how to scan your negatives/slides and download them remotely.

* There are a few pages about film processing, slide films and perspective that you can review.

* The first assignment is due on Wednesday, February 9th at 5pm. Take and post a few pictures that emphesize on perspective. You must post them online and send me the URL by the due date.


January 20, 2005

* Attendance is compulsory in order to receive a "pass" in the class.

* Friday January 21st is the first day of class.For the first class session, if meeting for lunch is not convenient, then it will be okay to just meet in the classroom at 405 Soda Hall for the class 1:10-2:00. This is of particular interest to waitlisted students, but all students are still welcome to join us for lunch at Foothill from 12:10-1:00.




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