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Computer Science 39J
The Art and Science of Photography: Drawing with Light

(2 units, P/NP)
Professor Brian Barsky (homepage) (e-mail)
Friday 12:00-2:00, Foothill DC and 405 Soda Hall (map)

This seminar explores the art and science of photography. Photographs are created by the control and manipulation of light. We will discuss quality of light for the rendering of tone, texture, shade, shadow, and reflection. The seminar examines the photographic process from light entering the lens through the creation and manipulation of the final image. Topics include composition and patterns, mathematics of perspective projection, refraction, blur, optics of lenses, exposure control, color science, film structure and response, resolution, digital image processing, human visual system, spatial and color perception, and chemical versus electronic processing. Students should have experience using a camera that allows the user to manually control exposure and focus, and that either has interchangeable lenses of different focal lengths or has a zoom lens. Students must have such a camera to complete the course assignments. Ideally, students should have access to both a film camera and a digital camera.


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