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Computer Lab

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Location: 199 Cory: Multimedia Lab (map). It's across the street from Soda Hall.

A Sun monitor with a Power Macintosh...

Open Hours: 7:30 am – 6:30 pm weekdays. To gain access after hours, you will need a cardkey.


Equipment: Six Apple G4 computers with Photoshop CE, Thirteen PCs running Windows with Photoshop 7, an Epson Stylus Photo 1280 photo-quality printer, and scanners (more details). We also have a Nikon Super Coolscan scanner.

Each student will gain access to an EECS account, allowing them to log into the UNIX, Mac OS X, and Windows computers in the lab. (For Windows systems, make sure the "EECS" domain is selected on the login screen. Use the UNIX account for UNIX and Mac OS X machines)

In http://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/connecting.html, there is a
lot of information about logging into the UNIX systems and
connecting to the UNIX home directory while logged into a

Photograph of a cardkey and a cardkey-reading device.

Cardkey Information

Room 199 Cory (UNIX and Windows) will be the primary drop-in lab,
although students can use the other labs and 'ssh' into our UNIX login servers.

They will need cardkeys to get into the building and into the labs
after hours. They should go to 253 Cory to get a cardkey or to
request that access be added to it. If they are enrolled via
TeleBears, they are pre-approved for the cardkey access that is
needed for their classes. Otherwise, they may need to get an
approval from the instructor.


Logging In

All students receive instructional account forms containing your username and password.

On Macintoshes: Type in your username and password, and click "Log In."

On Windows 2000: Type in your username and password. The domain should be "EECS."

NotesRead the Handout...


Screenshot of Mac OS X's login screen, by Nick Brulois.



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