Midterm 2 Information

Time:7pm-9pm Tuesday October 23
2040 and 2050 Valley Life Sciences Building (logins 1a - 3z and aa - akz)
10 EVANS     (logins al - ez)
145 DWINELLE (logins fa - jz)
155 DWINELLE (logins ka - zz) 

The campus map shows locations of Valley Life Sciences, Evans Hall, and Dwinelle Hall.

The exam is closed note, except for:

Topics Covered

The exam will cover all course topics through Chapter 3.3.2 of the lecture notes, except for topics marked as Practical Guidance or Bonus Material, and not including Chapter 2.4.8. Those topics include:

Particular emphasis will be given to non-local assignment, object-oriented programming, and recursion.

You should be prepared to answer questions that relate closely to the projects and homework assignments (not including "extra for experts" problems). You should also know how to draw an environment diagram by hand.

Practice Exams

The previous exam most similar in topics covered to your upcoming midterm is the Fall 2011 61A Midterm 1 exam. Links to all publicly available previous exams are listed below, for your convenience.

Review Sessions

The main review session will be held 2pm-5pm on Saturday 10/20 in 1 Pimentel. We suggest that you work through these practice problems (to be released) before the session, so that you have a chance to solve them on your own.

Berkeley HKN will hold a review session 12pm-3pm on Sunday 10/21 in 2040 Valley Life Sciences Building. They provide this review session on a volunteer basis; please thank them for their service.

Office hours held Thursday through Tuesday (10/18 - 10/23) will have the topic-specific themes listed below. Bring your questions about those topics. We will have time in office hours for general questions as well.
Thursday 10/18 @ 2:30pmHamilton Recursive lists
Thursday 10/18 @ 3pmAlbert For statements and the sequence abstraction
Thursday 10/18 @ 5:30pmJoy Map, filter, and reduce
Thursday 10/18 @ 6pmAllen Mutable data
Thursday 10/18 @ 7pmSteven Identity vs. Equality
Friday 10/19 @ 9:30amAndrew Lists and list comprehensions
Friday 10/19 @ 11amShu Dictionaries
Friday 10/19 @ 12pmStephen Class statements
Friday 10/19 @ 1pmVarun Dot expressions and inheritance
Monday 10/22 @ 10amKeegan Implementing an object system
Monday 10/22 @ 1pmStephen Interfaces and properties
Monday 10/22 @ 1pmShu Type dispatching and data-directed programming
Monday 10/22 @ 3pmAllen Type Coercion
Monday 10/22 @ 3pmVarun Recursive functions
Monday 10/22 @ 3:30pmJohn Memoization
Monday 10/22 @ 4:30pmJulia Recursive list processing
Tuesday 10/23 @ 11:00amJoy Tree-structured data

Make-Up Exam

A make-up exam will be held 7pm-9pm on Wednesday 10/24 in 306 Soda Hall. You can only take this exam if you have filled out this conflict form by Friday 10/12. You will receive email confirming that you can take the make-up exam.