Scheme Recursive Art Contest

How to Enter

Entries are due at 11:59pm on Tuesday, August 12.

Enter the contest by filling in and submitting the contest.scm template, in which the draw procedure draws your entry and then exits on click. Place your haiku description in the comments at the top of the file.

Submit contest.scm by typing submit proj4contest.

All entries, including the source code, will be distributed to your fellow students for voting. Please do not include personal info in your submission.

Description (from Project 4)

Create a visualization of an iterative or recursive process of your choosing, using turtle graphics. Your implementation must be written entirely in Scheme using the interpreter you have built. However, you may add primitive procedures to interface with Python's turtle or math modules. Other than that all computation must be done in Scheme. If you do add new primitives, then make sure to submit your version of in addition to contest.scm.

Prizes will be awarded for the winning entry in each of the following categories, as well as 3 extra credit points.

Entries (code and results) will be posted online, and winners will be selected by popular vote as part of a future homework. The voting instructions will read:

Please vote for your favorite entry in this semester's 61A Recursion Exposition contest. The winner should exemplify the principles of elegance, beauty, and abstraction that are prized in the Berkeley computer science curriculum. As an academic community, we should strive to recognize and reward merit and achievement (translation: please don't just vote for your friends).

To improve your chance of success, you are welcome to include a title and descriptive haiku in the comments of your entry, which will be included in the voting.

Entries that do not construct an image iteratively or recursively may be disqualified. This includes just drawing a preexisting image, even if the drawing function is iterative or recursive.