CS61B: The Staff

Instructor: Paul N. Hilfinger
	    Office: 787 Soda Hall
            Tele: 642-8401
	    E-mail: Hilfinger@cs.berkeley.edu
	    Office Hours: Tu 11-12, M 3-4.

The TA Corner is a centralized location for 
extra material created for you by the TAs, who are:

TA:	    Sourav Chatterji
            Email: souravc@eecs.berkeley.edu
	    Office Hours: 10-11 Th (311 Soda)
	    Sections: Tu 1-2, Th 12-2, Tu 2-3, Th 2-4

TA:	    Brighten Godfrey
            Email: pbg@cs.berkeley.edu
	    Office Hours: 11-12 F in 311 Soda
	    Sections: M 4-5, Th 4-6
TA:	    Juliet Holwill
            Email:  jholwill@eecs.berkeley.edu
	    Office Hours: Tu 11-12 in 711 Soda
	    Sections: Tu 10-11, Th 10-12, Tu 5-6, W 4-6

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