CS61B: The Staff

Instructor: Paul N. Hilfinger
	    Office: 787 Soda Hall
            Tele: 642-8401
	    E-mail: Hilfinger@cs.berkeley.edu
	    Office Hours: MTh 2-3

TA:	    Timothy Hunter
            Email: cs61b-tc
	    Office Hours: W 9-10 611 Soda
	    Sections: Lab 017, Lab 011, Dis 111

TA:	    Joseph Metzinger
            Email:  cs61b-tb
	    Office Hours: M3-4 (283E Soda)
	    Sections: Lab 012, Dis 112, Dis 117

TA:	    Anh Pham
            Email:  cs61b-td
	    Office Hours: Th 9-10 611 Soda
	    Sections: Lab 014, Lab 015, Dis 114

TA:	    Javier Rosa
            Email:  cs61b-te
	    Office Hours: W 7:00-8:00PM 283E Soda
	    Sections: Lab 016, Dis 116

TA:	    Gaurav Shetti
            Email:  cs61b-tf
	    Office Hours: Tu3-4 283E Soda
	    Sections: Lab 013, Dis 113, Dis 115

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