CS 61B: The Staff

Munim Ali
Email: cs61b-td
Office Hours: T 5-6P (651 Soda)
Sections: T 9-10A (113), T 10-11A (122), R 9-11A (22)
Melanie Cebula
Email: cs61b-tm
Office Hours: M 12-1P (611 Soda)
Sections: T 5-6P (117), R 2-4P (16)
Jerry Cheng
Email: cs61b-tf
Office Hours: R 2-4P (283E Soda)
Sections: M 4-5P (112), T 1-2P (125), W 4-6P (12)
Leonino Colobong
Email: cs61b-tg
Office Hours: R 5-6P (411 Soda)
Sections: T 10-11A (114), R 10-12P (14), F 9-11A (20)
Aleks Kamko
Email: cs61b-tb
Office Hours: R 6-7P (411 Soda)
Sections: W 11-12P (121), W 2-4P (11)
Sarah Kim
Email: cs61b-th
Office Hours: T 2-3P (751 Soda)
Sections: T 12-1P (124), T 1-2P (115), R 12-2P (15)
Jimmy Lee
Email: cs61b-tc
Office Hours: M 1-2P (283E Soda)
Sections: T 11-12P (123), R 1-3P (24), R 6-8P (18)
Jene Li
Email: cs61b-tj
Office Hours: T 1-2P (611 Soda)
Sections: T 2-3P (116), F 11-1P (21)
Patrick Lutz
Email: cs61b-ti
Office Hours: T 12-1P (651 Soda)
Sections: W 10-11A (120), W 4-6P (25), R 8-10A (13)
Quoc Truong
Email: cs61b-tl
Office Hours: F 4-5P (283E Soda)
Sections: T 6-7P (118), T 7-8P (119), R 8-10P (19)
Shu Zhong
Email: cs61b-te
Office Hours: F 3-4P (611 Soda)
Sections: M 3-4P (111), R 11-1P (23), R 4-6P (17)
Paul N. Hilfinger (Instructor)
Office: 787 Soda Hall
Tele: 642-8401
Email: hilfinger@cs.berkeley.edu
Office Hours: M 5-6, Tu 3-4, Fri 2-3
Josh Hug (Instructor)
Office: 779 Soda Hall
Email: josh@joshh.ug
Office Hours: W 1-2P (779 Soda), F 3-4P (779 Soda)
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