CS 61B Data Structures, Fall 2016
Instructor: Paul Hilfinger
Lecture: MWF 3-4 PM, Dwinelle 155
Past Announcements
Date Category Announcement
11/7 Projects We've released a new version of the skeleton that makes it easier for us to determine who has done the extra credit. Please see the Piazza post for further details.
10/19 Projects The command staff-ataxx on the instructional machines will run our solution to Project 2. You can also run this remotely via ssh if you have an X connection.
9/5 Projects The command staff-cube on the instructional servers will run our solution to Miniproject 0 so that you can see how it should work. You can also run this remotely via ssh if you have an X connection.
9/2 Software cs61b-software updated with a new version of Junit (4.12). To get the update (assuming you've set things up the way we suggested), just change to your cs61b-software directory and issue the command
git pull --rebase
9/14 Exams
  • Test #1 will be Tue, Sep 27 2016 8:00pm–10:00pm.
  • Test #2 will be Wed Oct 26 2016 6:30pm–8:30pm.

Room assignments to be announced later.

8/24 The web site, as you see, still needs much work. Please bear with the broken links and odd styles for a while.
8/24 Admin You will need a CS61B Unix account to hand in your work and receive grades, among other things. You can get one by clicking here.
8/24 Lectures Lectures are screencast (with audio) and all slides are online. Attendance is not mandatory. In fact, we do not all fit into Dwinelle, so I recommend that those of you who are so inclined stay home and watch them. Experience indicates that after the initial week or so, there will be plenty of space in lecture for those who prefer live attendance.
8/24 Discussion No discussion sections this week. There will be labs. Please get a Unix account before attending (see previous announcement).
8/24 Enrollment For various reasons, enrollment procedures are chaotic this semester.
  • It seems that those of you wait-listed because your chosen lab section is full cannot change the section directly, but must instead find an open section you can fit into (even if it is not the one you end up attending), remove yourself from the wait list, and then reapply for the new lab section. Sorry; this is the result of the new enrollment webapp design at campus level.
  • This semester, you apparently do not actually register for discussion sections, but simply go to the one you want. Usually, this should be the one corresponding to your lab (e.g., discussion 102B corresponds to lab 102C). Discussion section times and meeting places are on the schedule.