CS 61B Data Structures, Fall 2018
Instructor: Paul Hilfinger
Lecture: MWF 12-1PM, Wheeler 150
Past Announcements
Date Category Announcement
8/20 Admin Since we are oversubscribed, we have insufficient room in Wheeler for everybody. Normally, this problem rights itself after the first week, as people start choosing to watch the lectures screenshots online instead of attending. The fire marshal will protest if people are standing in Wheeler, however. For the FIRST WEEK ONLY, therefore, (Wed and Fri), I will hold a repeat of the day's lecture in 145 Dwinelle at 8PM. Those who find the lecture too full this Wednesday and Friday and who want to attend a live lecture can go to these extra sessions. Again, this will only be for the first week of classes. We go back to the regular single lecture, as officially published, starting Monday 27 August.
8/02 Discussion No discussion sections or office hours in the first week. There will be labs. Please get a Unix account before attending (see previous announcement).