Project 2a: Amazons Checkpoint


This optional (but recommended) checkpoint counts for extra-credit points on the Amazons project. It is due Tuesday October 30 at 11:59 PM.

The checkpoint is made up of two components:

This is aimed at giving you an introduction to the project (the methods tested are a small fraction of the overall project) and get you to start early!

To get the unit tests, go into your repository and execute

    git fetch shared
    git merge shared/proj2a -m “Get proj2a tests”

You can copy the unit tests in proj2a/ file into your proj2/amazons/, or you can rename it to a new file in your amazons subdirectory and then add its class to the list of classes in the main method of

You should be implementing everything in your proj2 folder. We will only be grading your proj2 folder and not your proj2a folder. Be careful to git add any files you add to your proj2/amazons directory. Tag your checkpoint submission as proj2a-x where x is the submission number.