Project 3a: Graphs Checkpoint


There will be a checkpoint due for Project 3 that will be due Friday, 11/30/2018 by 11:59pm. Please tag your checkpoint submissions as proj3a-x where x is the submission number. This checkpoint will have two different parts that are both based on the graph representation portion of the graph package (specifically just the non-traversal portion). Each of these parts will be for 1 point of extra credit for a possible total of 2 points of extra credit. The relevant skeleton files are,,,,, and

Your Tests

As you are completing the graph package you should be writing unit tests. For this part of the checkpoint we will check that you have made sufficient effort in the creation of unit tests for the graph package. Make sure that the tests you have added run when "make check" is called. (Tests added to should automatically run with make check). If you have trouble running make locally, remember you can always SSH into your instructional account and run it there.

Our Tests

We will also be testing you on a number of unit tests that we have written (some subset of the final autograder tests) in order to test for correctness of your graph package. You will have to pass a portion of these to receive full credit.

Project Parties!

We plan to have two project parties for you on the following dates and times:

The parties will likely take place in the Soda labs. but check back for confirmation soon.

Project parties are primarily there for you to work with other students on the project. We’ll split you all up by the portion of the project you’re working on: graph representation / graph traversals / make + trip clients. We will have staff there but we won’t have queues like we do in office hours and labs.