CS61B: Data Structures

Summer 2006

Instructor: Erin Korber


  • You can come in and look at your final exam from 12-3 on Saturday in 275 Soda if you would like. Exam grades will be up by Friday evening.
  • Cummulative lab grades have been posted.
  • IMPORTANT: Your account is going to expire on Monday, 21 August. Please make sure to copy any data that you want to save (such as all your work from this class!) to another location by then.

Office Hours

  • Erin: Thursday, 1:30-3:30pm in Soda 711 and Sunday, 12-3pm, in Soda 275
  • Simon: Monday and Wednesday, 10am-11am in Soda 275
  • Lenwei: Tuesday 4pm-5pm, Friday 11am-12pm in Soda 345

  • Other Useful Information