CompSci-61B Students' Discussion Group

To participate in the discussion group, you just need an email account. The group is hosted on Yahoo, but you do not need a Yahoo email address to participate -- any valid email address will work fine. All CompSci-61B students are encouraged to join this discussion group, to seek help with their assignments, and to offer help to those seeking help. Prof. Burns is a member of the discussion group, and sometimes offers help, too.

To Join:

Send an email message to You do not need to include a subject or a message -- you do not even need to include your email address! You will receive a confirmation message -- reply as instructed, and await a greeting message that indicates you are now a member of the discussion group. (There is usually an hour delay, or so, to process your greeting, so please be patient.)

To Post A Message:

Send an email message to Include a brief subject to identify the message stream that you will be creating. Include anything in the text of your message. All discussion group members will receive your message.

To Reply To A Message:

Simply reply to any message from the group, and all members will see your reply message.

To Leave The Group:

The group will not automatically disband when the class ends, so you may want to remove yourself. To do so, send an email message to -- you do not need to include a subject or a message.

The group has a home page on Yahoo. It contains all the messages sent by group members. If you want to use this feature, you need to get a free Yahoo account. The home page is: It contains a login challenge -- you can request a free account at that time. (This does not involve getting a Yahoo email address).