Cal Berkeley

Computer Science Department
CompSci-61B: Data Structures, Summer 2007

Fundamental dynamic data structures, including linear lists, queues, trees, and other linked structures; arrays strings, and hash tables. Storage management. Elementary principles of software engineering. Abstract data types. Algorithms for sorting and searching. Introduction to the Java programming language.

Prof. Robert D. Burns,
Office Hours: MTWTh 10-11am Moffitt-101
Introduction To Java
Abstract Data Types (ADTs)
ADT Lists
Arrayed & Linked Implementations
Algorithm Efficiency
Recursive Solutions
Sorting and Searching
Key/Value Dictionaries
Hashing and Hash Tables
Stacks, Queues, and Deques
Trees and Graphs
M Jun 25th through W Aug 15th
MTWTh 11am-12:30pm, Moffitt-101 (lecture)
Holiday: W Jul 4
Midterm Exam: M Jul 23rd, 11am-12:30pm
Final Exam: Th Aug 16th, 7-9pm
GRADING: Lab Exercises (16):  600 points
Midterm Exam: 100 points
Final Exam: 100 points
Term Projects (2):  200 points

FINAL GRADE: Strictly applied
A+ top 3 A's      C+ 760-779 points
A 900-1000 points      C 700-759 points
A- 880-899 points      C- 680-699 points
B+ 860-879 points      D 600-679 points
B 800-859 points      F 0-599 points
B- 780-799 points        no extra credit

Data Structures And Abstractions With Java by Carrano (required)
Head First Java by Sierra (recommended)
Introduction To Programming, Using Java by Burns (recommended)
Class website:
Expect 6 hours of lecture, 2 hours of discussion, 4 hours of programming laboratory, and an average of 12 hours of self-scheduled programming laboratory per week.
Lab assignments are posted on the class website.
Lab assignments are due at midnight of the evening of the due date  indicated on the course outline. Completed lab work must be posted to your student account on the UNIX server.
For questions on lab assignments, anytime and anywhere, use the online discussion group (accessible via links on the class website: Students may post and reply to questions in order to help eachother. The instructor monitors the discussions and answers questions when appropriate. Use this method so that all students benefit from questions, answers, and clarifications.
Five points per day will be deducted for each late assignment. Each student is allowed 5 "slip days" for the term without penalty. Late work will be accepted until midnight of the evening of Saturday Aug 18th. No credit will be awarded for any late work after that time.
Contact the instructor in person in lab, lecture, or office hour, or by email.
The final exam and the midterm exam are both open book and open note.
Arrangements for missed exams must be made with the instructor in advance.
No credit will be given for work that is not original. Points awarded for lab work that is later found to be not original will be withdrawn. Points awarded for work that is deleted from the student's UNIX account or replaced before grades are assigned at the end of the semester will be withdrawn.
Lectures start at 11:10am sharp, and go for 75 minutes. Do not trust classroom clocks -- check the time on which is synchronized to the atomic clock.

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