University of California at Berkeley
Dept of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences

Data Structures and Advanced Programming
(experimental lab-based version)

Instructor: Mike Clancy
Course control number: 26376
Class meetings: Mondays 2-5pm and Wednesdays and Fridays 2-4pm in 273 Soda.

This experimental version of CS 61B involves only lab, with no scheduled lectures or discussion section. All activities are online, and include not only programming exercises but also online collaborations and discussion. Click here to access the CS 61BL Course Portal.

The format of CS 61BL resembles that of CS 3, where we have found it quite successful. More information about experience in the lab-based CS 3 is available here.

CS 61BL will satisfy all requirements currently satisfied by CS 61B.

Grading standards to homeworks can be found here.