Change Your Password
In Terminal type the following command:
ssh update
Type in your old password to access the system and then select the menu option to change your password. It will ask you for the old password one more time and then your new password twice.
Your UNIX account name is of the format cs61bl-**. This instructional account will allow you to turn in homework and use the lab computers.
Homework Assignments
  1. The first part of the homework was to submit the file as you did in the "Submission system" step above.
  2. Read the following:
  3. Contribute at least one post to this discussion on partnership. Do not duplicate posts your classmates have made. Follow the link to your appropriate lab section.
  4. Make sure you understand the following vocabulary words about object-oriented programming from your readings:
    • Object
    • Class
    • Method
    • Instance Variable
Extra: For additional practice you might want to try some of the exercises at CodingBat to get more familiar with Java.