Conclusion & Homework Submission
Today's activies addressed a variety of aspects of programming. We hope you noticed which ones you seem to be good at already and which ones you are finding more difficult, and you got some ideas for improvement from your classmates.
Finish the date conversion, triangle-drawing, check digit, and adding machine programs if you didn't do so in lab, copy them to a top-level directory named hw2, and submit the working versions. You should submit five files:
Homework Assignments
For the next lab read the following:
As a part of homework, you must also provide posts and responses to the discussion activity in the next step.
Homework: Discussion: Programming skills
You did a variety of things in lab activities earlier today: designing code from scratch, filling in missing code, analyzing code, inventing convincing test values, and collaborating with a partner.
In your post, include answers to the following.
  1. What made these tasks hard? (Or, if you found them easy, what aspects of the activities might have caused trouble for a less experienced programmer?)
  2. What general skills might help a programmer do better at tasks like the ones listed above?
Also, respond to the list of one of your classmates by suggesting ways that a student could best learn the skills in the list. Draw on personal experience where relevant.
Mention the names and logins of you and your partner in your post.