Arrays, the first of today's topics, came to Java from C and C++. It turns out rather than using arrays themselves, most needs for an array in Java are satisfied by using a class called ArrayList, which is an expansion on the array we learned today. We will be studying ArrayList as the basis for implementation of the various "collection classes" that we'll soon encounter.
Properties of good organization that you've learned in earlier program activity apply to JUnit as well. Here are some examples:
We think test-driven development is a big win, and we will be encouraging you to use it when building your programs. At the very least, you have to like the frequent green bars!
Homework Submission
For programming homework, as noted earlier, you are to complete the following:
Submit the Java files and in the directory hw4.
Homework Assignments
For next lab, check out the reading assignment:
If you're not feeling rock solid on the stuff we've done so far, check out CodingBat to get some extra practice writing Java programs.