CS 61BL Data Structures & Programming Methodology, Summer 2014
Instructor: Edwin Liao
Wednesday, 3-5 PM, 2050 Valley Life Sciences Building
Style Guide
Even if they run correctly, your programs are expected to be easily readible by humans. Readers may choose to deduct points from program submissions that are messy and difficult to read. If you want to avoid losing style points, your programs must adhere to the following bare minimum style guidelines (adapted from Google's and Professor Shewchuk's Java style guides):
More in-depth style guides
Eclipse Autoformatting
You can set up Eclipse to autoformat your code. Go to Window > Preferences > Java > Editor > Save Actions to have Eclipse format your code whenever you save a file. Then click Formatter to choose your formatting preferences. You can use Eclipse's default format settings, customize your own, or import one (e.g. mine)