CS61C Class Final Survey

PART I. About lecture and webcasts

Which sentence describes your lecture attendance? (If you typically watch the webcast, count that as attendance)
I never went to lecture.
I went to lecture but not very often.
I often went to lecture but missed one here and there.
I always went to lecture.

By "attend" lecture, I mean I typically
go to 2050 VLSB and watch the lecture.
watch the webcast live.
watch the webcast later.
(No answer, since I never attend lecture OR watch the webcast)

Does the convenience and availability of the webcasts negatively affect your attendance?
Definitely! If it weren't for the webcast, I would probably (have to) attend a lot more.
A fair amount. If it weren't for the webcast, I would probably (have to) attend a fair amount more.
Not really. If it weren't for the webcast, I would probably (have to) attend just a little more.
Nope! The webcasts don't affect my attendance at all.

Which sentence most closely describes your experience with the webcasts?
I've watched every lecture on webcast
I've watched most lectures on webcast
I've watched some lectures on webcast.
I've watched no lectures on webcast.

We are in the process of providing a CS61C webcast "Greatest Hits". It will contain what we believe to be an archival selection of the best (most effective, engaging, etc) delivery of the course from years past. It will contain slides, notes, and search capabilities. How much do you think you would use this free resource?
Quite a bit!
A fair amount.
A little
Not at all.

Please add any other comments you have for the webcast staff (e.g., focus on the instructor more/less, show audience reaction more/less, buy a scan converter so that you can do picture-in-picture and don't have to FILM THE SCREEN, etc):

PART II. Reading Quizes

This year we had the reading quizzes count for your EPA! score. Please select the statement that best describes your attitude about the reading quizzes:
Typically, I do not do the reading quizzes OR the reading.
I usually do the reading but I usually DONT do the reading quizzes.
I do the reading quizzes but I usually DONT do the reading.
I usually do the reading quizzes AND the reading.

For future CS61C classes, I recommend that you
Drop the reading quizzes.
Contiue letting the reading quizzes be part of the EPA score.
Make the reading quizzes required but only count for a small fraction of the grade.

Please add any other comments you have about the reading quizzes:

PART III. Projects, Homework & Labs

Here we are going to rate the relevence and difficulty of the projects. For difficulty, rate the projects on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being impossible and 1 being trivial. For relevence, a 10 would mean that the project was clearly related to class material and really helped you understand concepts.
Difficulty Relevence Project
Project 1. - Lisp interpreter
Project 2. - sprintf in MIPS
Project 3. - Single Cycle CPU in Verilog
Project 4. - I/O

Any constructive criticism about projects?

Pick your favorite and least favorite labs from this list
Favorite Least Favorite Lab
Lab 1. - Simple C & Number Rep
Lab 2. - Ptrs, Strings, and GDB
Lab 3. - Memory Maps and Memory Allocation
Lab 4. - Assembly Code Practice
Lab 5. - Ptrs and Assembly Code
Lab 6. - Floating Point and Integer Representation
Lab 7. - Linker Stuff: .o and a.out files
Lab 9. - Caches
Lab 10. - FSM
Lab 11. - Verilog Intro
Lab 12. - Verilor FSM (Signal)
Lab 13. - Pipeline
Lab 14. - Interrupt driven I/O
Lab 15. - Ping & Traceroute

Any constructive criticism about labs?

PART IV. Instructors

Please answer the following questions based on your experience since the midterm.

How might Dan improve the way he teaches?

What is Dan doing especially well in class?

My TA is:

What might your TA do to improve the way he teaches?

What is your TA doing well?

PART VI. General Comments

What should we definitely keep the same next time we teach the course? (i.e., what works?)

What should we definitley change next time we teach the course? (i.e., what's broken?)

Any constructive criticism about the course in general?