CS61C Machine Structures. Fall 2003, UC Berkeley
CS61C Fall 2003
MWF 10-11am, 2050 VLSB

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Timely Announcements

12/11/2003 Course grades are posted. Everyone got credit for HW1, HW11, HW13, and HW15 even though they are not in glookup. The entry for "Course_Grade" at the bottom of glookup says how many points we think you have, and the corresponding letter grade. We also emailed this information to your class account.

Have a good break!
12/10/2003 Final exam grades are in glookup. Statistics:
N: 216,   Median: 40 (80%),   Mean: 38.9 (77.8%),   Stddev: 5.7
45-50: 47,   40-44: 69,   35-39: 47,   30-34: 27,   25-29: 17,   0-24:  9

Solutions are on the web page. Exams are available for viewing (but we must keep them on file) starting 9am tomorrow, Thurs 12/11, in 385 Soda.

We cannot reevaluate your work after we file course grades (stay tuned, probably tomorrow afternoon). We can correct administrative errors such as adding up points incorrectly.

When we compute the course grade, glookup will show both the letter grade and the number of points on which it's based, including adjustments for homeworks that never happened, etc.
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Lecture, Reading, and Quiz Calendar

Homeworks (HW) are due by 9am on Wednesdays.
Labs are to be completed during the lab sessions

Links in (italics) point to past semesters' materials.
(w) - lecture by John Wawrzynek
(h) - lecture by Brian Harvey

Wk Date Lecture Topic Reading Lab / Project Homework / Exam
1 08-25 M Course Introducton (w) [.ppt, .pdf, .6up-pdf] P&H Chapter 1 Lab1: Simple C and Number Rep. [.html, .pdf, .doc] HW1: Due 9/3 (Wednesday) 9am [.html, .pdf, .doc] [soln]
08-27 W Number Representation (w) [.ppt, .pdf, .4up-pdf] P&H Sec4.1, 4.2 (exclude Fig. 4.2)
08-29 F Introduction to C (w) [.ppt, .pdf, .4up-pdf] K&R Chapters 1-4
2 09-01 M Holiday :) Lab2: Ptrs & Strings [.html, .pdf, .doc] HW2: Due 9/10 (Wed) 9am [.html] [soln]
09-03 W C pointers, arrays, strings(h) [.pdf] K&R Chapter 5
09-05 F C structures, scanf (h) [.pdf] K&R Chapter 6
3 09-08 M C (h) [.pdf] K&R Chapters 7, 8 Lab3: Malloc [.html, .pdf, .doc] [soln] HW3: Due 9/17 (Wed) 9am [.html] [soln]
09-10 W C (h) [.pdf]
09-12 F C (h) [.pdf]
4 09-15 M C (h) [.pdf] P&H Chapter 3 Lab4: Assembly Practice [.html] [soln]
Proj1: Lisp Interp. Due 9/24 (Wed) 9am [.txt] [soln, tests]
HW4: Due 9/24 (Wed) 9am [.html] [soln]
09-17 W MIPS (h) [.pdf]
09-19 F MIPS (h) [.pdf] P&H SecA.9, A.6
5 09-22 M MIPS (h) [.pdf] P&H Sec4.1-4.7 Lab5: Ptrs in Assembly Practice [.html] [soln]
Proj2: Sprintf. Due 10/6 (Mon) 9am [.txt] [soln, tests]
HW5: Due 10/1 (Wed) 9am [.html] [soln]
09-24 W MIPS (h) [.pdf]
09-26 F MIPS (h) [.pdf]
6 09-29 M Floating Point (w) [.pdf] P&H Sec4.8-4.13, Chapter 2 Lab6: Experimenting with floating point & integer rep. [.html] [soln] HW6: Due 10/6 (Mon) 9am [.html] [soln]
10-01 W Floating Point (w)
10-03 F Performance (w) [.pdf]
7 10-06 M Compilation, Assembly, Linkage (h) [.pdf] P&H Sec3.9, A.1-A.5 Lab7: Working with .o and a.out [.html] Midterm 1
Tuesday, Oct 7
10-08 W Compilation, Assembly, Linkage (h) [.pdf]
10-10 F Disks (w) [.pdf] HW7: Due 10/15 (Wed) 9am [.html] [soln]
8 10-13 M I/O (h) [.pdf] P&H Chapter 8, SecA.7-A.8 Lab8: No lab
Proj3: MIPS Instruction Simulator. Due 10/22 (Wed) 9am [.html] [soln]
HW8: Due 10/22 (Wed) 9am [.html] [soln]
10-15 W I/O (h) [.pdf]
10-17 F I/O (h) [.pdf]
9 10-20 M I/O (h) []   Lab9: Ping and traceroute [.html] HW9: Due 10/29 (Wed) 9am [.html] [soln]
10-22 W Networks (w) [.pdf]
10-24 F Networks (w) [.pdf]
10 10-27 M Cache (h) [.pdf] P&H Sec7.1-7.3, 7.5 Lab10: Cache [text] [soln]
Proj4: Interrputs. Due 11/5 (Wed) 9am [.html] [soln]
HW10: Due 11/5 (Wed) 9am [.html] [soln]
10-29 W Cache (h) [.pdf]
10-31 F Cache (h) [.pdf]
11 11-03 M VM (h) [.pdf] P&H Sec7.4, 7.6-7.10 No lab HW11: optional [.html] [soln]
11-05 W VM (h) [.pdf]
11-07 F Intro. to Synch. Digital Systems (w) [.pdf]
12 11-10 M State Elements (w) [.pdf]   No Lab
Proj5: cache: Due 11/19 (Wed) 9am [.html] solution:[cachelogic.c]
Midterm 2
Thursday, Nov 13
HW12: Due 11/21 (Fri) 9am [.pdf] [soln]
11-12 W Representations of Combinational Logic (w) [.pdf]
11-14 F Combinational Logic Blocks (w) [.pdf]
13 11-17 M Verilog (w) [] P&H Sec5.1-3, Appendix C.2 Lab11: Verilog: Adder [.html] [.pdf]
No HW13!
11-19 W Verilog (w) [.pdf]
11-21 F CPU Design (w) []
14 11-24 M CPU Design (w) [] P&H Sec6.1-7 Lab12: Verilog: Finite State Machine
Proj6: Verilog CPU: Due 12/3 (Wed) 9am [.html] [.pdf] solution:[cpu.v]
HW14: Due 12/3 (Wed) 9am [.html] [soln]
11-26 W Processor Pipelining (h) [.pdf]
11-28 F Holiday :)
15 12-01 M Processor Pipelining (w) [.pdf] P&H Chapter 9 (optional) No Lab  
12-03 W X86 Architecture (w) [.pdf]
12-05 F Final Lecture: Earth Simulator Supercomputer (w) []
FINAL EXAM: Wednesday, Dec 10, 8-11am [soln]

Weekly Schedule






8:00-9:00 LAB: 271 Soda (Danny)
9:00-10:00 DIS: 310 Soda (Danny)
10:00-11:00 Lecture: 2050 VLSB DIS: 310 Soda (Danny) Lecture: 2050 VLSB LAB: 271 Soda (Danny) Lecture: 2050 VLSB
12:00-1:00 LAB: 271 Soda (Dan) LAB: 271 Soda (Alex)
1:00-2:00 DIS: 3102 Etcheverry (Dan) DIS: 310 Hearst Min (Alex)
2:00-3:00 DIS: 6 Evans (Paul) LAB: 271 Soda (Alex) LAB: 271 Soda (Paul)
3:00-4:00 DIS: 320 Soda (Alex)
4:00-5:00 DIS: 81 Evans (Ben) DIS: C320 Cheit (Paul) LAB: 271 Soda (Ben) LAB: 271 Soda (Paul)
6:00-7:00 DIS: 3 Evans (Ben) LAB: 271 Soda (Ben)



Brian Harvey
Senior Lecturer
781 Soda Hall, (510) 642-8311, bh@eecs.berkeley.edu
Office Hours: Tu 1:00-2:00, W 1:00-3:00
Asst: Sue DeVries/Cindy Palwick 385 Soda, 2-0930, 385-soda@cs
John Wawrzynek
631 Soda Hall, (510) 643-9434, johnw@eecs.berkeley.edu
Office Hours: W 11:00-12:00am, F 9:00-10:00
Asst: Rakhi Cook 626 Soda, 2-4013, rakhic@eecs


Name E-mail Reader Discussions Labs Office Hrs
Dan Adkins cs61c-tb Tom Jiang (cs61c-rb) M 1-2 W 12-2 F 11:30-12:30, 551 Soda
Paul Burstein cs61c-tc Mike Chen (cs61c-rc) Tu 2-3, 4-5 Th 2-4, 4-6 M 3-5, 551 Soda
Danny Krause cs61c-td Tom Jiang (cs61c-rb) Tu 9-10, 10-11 Th 8-10, 10-12 M 11-12, 551 Soda; W 4-5, 511 Soda
Benjamin Huang cs61c-th Tung-hui Hu (cs61c-rh) M 4-5, 6-7 W 4-6, 6-8 MTu 11-12, 511 Soda
Alexandre Joly cs61c-te Pooya Pakzad (cs61c-re) M 3-4, Tu 1-2 W 2-4, Th 12-2 M 4-5, 320 Soda; Th 2-3, 271 Soda

Resources and Handouts

gdb-refcard.pdf Here's an updated GDB reference card. .
info.pdf The course syllabus

We will be using the second edition of Patterson and Hennessy's Computer Organization and Design book ("COD").  Try to find the third printing. (Don't get "Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach"  by the same authors; it is intended for a graduate course!).

We are also requiring The C Programming Language, Second Edition by Kernighan and Ritchie ("K&R"), and will make references its sections in the reading assignments. Other books are also suitable if you are already comfortable with them, but our pre-lecture quizzes will be based on K&R.

The subjects covered in this course include C and assembly language programming, how higher level programs are translated into machine language, the general structure of computers, interrupts, caches, address translation, CPU design, and related topics. The only prerequisite is that you have taken Computer Science 61B, or at least have solid experience with a C-based programming language.

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