Old Announcements

2004-05-20 Alex put up Final Review Slides and Answers to most practice final questions on his webpage. The former will *not* be covered at the review session (too many of them!)
2004-05-19 Jeremy will be having pre-finals office hours at 3pm on Friday in 611 Soda.
2004-05-10 As promised, here is the 2004Sp CS61C practice final exam. These are the questions from recent years which most closely match what you'll see with our exam in difficulty and coverage.
2004-05-10 No discussion sections or OH anymore (unless scheduled individually by your TA)

Final review session on Thursday, May 20, 8.30pm-11pm in 306 Soda. Do the practice final by then!

2004-05-06 Please fill out the final survey for the class.
2004-04-29 The readings and quizzes for tomorrow and next week have been updated. Since this is very late notice, we will of course make tomorrow's quiz be due on Monday.
2004-04-18 PROJ3: When testing your code, use the following command, unlike what the specs used to say:
iverilog-0.6 -tvvp -o cpu.vvp -Wall ~cs61c/lib/proj6/blocks.v ~cs61c/lib/proj6/testbench.v cpu.v
The trycpu script assumes that the compiled cpu.vvp contains the testbench.
2004-04-12 To compile verilog code:
> iverilog-0.6 -tvvp -Wall (-o optional_executable_filename) codefile.v
To run verilog code:
> a.out
(or '> optional_executable_filename' if you specified a name)
If you do any of this differently, the $time monitoring won't work.
2004-03-30 HW6 is now due on Friday 2004-04-02 at the *beginning* (no exceptions) of lecture.

Also, the VMIII lecture notes should say [TAG | INDEX | OFFSET] or [VPN | OFFSET] instead of [VPN | INDEX | OFFSET] on slide 17.

2004-03-18 Grading clarification: our policy is that all official project requirement clarifications will be posted on the project page and this section (Announcements) of the website. If it's only mentioned in the newsgroup, it will not be tested for.
2004-03-15 The grading standards for the midterm now include Q1
2004-03-10 Proj2 autograder has been re-run to fix some bugs in the testcases. The results have been posted to glookup, and the new testcases can be found at the link below.
2004-03-10 We have a graph of the Midterm distribution. Grades will be in glookup soon. Grading standards to be posted too.
Q0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Total
mean -0.01 1.30 3.00 3.62 13.11 10.72 10.15 2.87 2.68 1.32 48.75
stdev 0.10 0.85 1.04 2.97 2.66 2.76 5.10 1.98 0.59 1.87 12.35
2004-03-07 Jeremy will be out of town 2004-03-15, so he won't be holding office hours next week.
2004-03-07 HW3 and Proj2 test cases have been posted. Proj2 grade freeze is 2004-03-17. Email your reader before then if you wish a regrade, otherwise what is in glookup is final.
2004-02-29 HW2 grades should be up. The regrade request deadline is 2004-03-08. If you don't have a grade, contact your reader
2004-02-27 Midterm 1 review session on Saturday 2004-03-06 at 5pm, in 1 Leconte. Notes on Roy's website.
2004-02-21 Faux Midterm 1 Resources: http://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~cs61c-td/fm1.review
Faux Midterm 1 Exam: Exam Solutions
2004-02-21 Dan will not be holding office hours this thursday and next week (2/26, 3/3, 3/4).
2004-02-18 Review session for the Faux Midterm is on Sunday, 5pm, in 10 Evans

Register your PRS transmitter here! Also linked in the menu above.
Due to communication problems wrt the autograding of HW3, we are giving you the opportunity to submit a patch which will fix your code to get it to up to spec. The patch will be hand checked by the readers before being applied to your code for the regrade.

The patch is due 3/3/04. Additionally, the autograder is running so you can test your submission against it, but be aware that the test cases being used now are not the same ones that are used for final grading. The ones used for final grading will be the same as the ones used origionally to grade hw3.
What your patch can fix:
1) main() must return 0. If it returns non-0, then the OS believes it exited abnormally (crashed or there was an error).
2) Noise word list. You can change your noise-word list to match the specs.
3) Output format. Your output must be one line per word where each line is:  
     <word>: <line 1> <line 2> <line 3> ... <line n>
<word> is the word, and <line #> are the line numbers the word is located on (starting line numbers at 0 or 1 are both accepted).
Additionally, the case of how you output <word> does not matter. So these two lines are equivalent:
     hello: 1 2 3
     HeLlO: 1 2 3
4) Adding a '#include <blah.h>' statement since some other (MSVC we believe) compilers do this for you.
5) Make sure only alphanumeric characters count towards words. That means "don't" is two words, 1 is a word, a23 is a word, 3123 is a word, etc. as mentioned on the newsgroup.

Creating the patch:
On your unix account, do the following:
> cp xref.c xref-orig.c
> emacs xref.c
# make your changes, etc...
> diff -c xref-orig.c xref.c > xref.c.patch
> submit hw3-patch

In addition to the xref.c.patch file, you can submit a README for the readers to lookat.
If you do not submit a hw3-patch, it is assumed that you are satisfied with your grade.
2004-02-13 PROJ1 Part 3 Clarification: type "stk" at the prompt to try out a real Scheme interpreter. Use it as reference when implementing the following Vector cases: (define a #(1 2 3)), (define b #(1 2 a)), (define c #(4 5 6)), (vector-set! c 2 a), (define d #(x y #(z k)))

However, note the following:
vector-set! does not need to print "okay", "()" is fine
(define A (make-vector 3)) should have A be represented as #(() () ()), which is much easier to implement than the stk version
2004-02-08 HW3 Clarification:
The program should be case-insensitive. That means that 'wOrD' is the same as 'word'.
The following list are the noise words you should ignore:

a an the he she it they his her him his hers its theirs be am is are was were to of if

2004-02-03 From now on Tuesday 1-2pm (113) and 2-3pm (114) discussion sections will be held in 310 Soda
2004-01-29 - Labs will now give you a chance to earn bonus points: you will get 5 out of 4 lab points if you check off by the first hour of lab (falsely claiming that you were done will get you into trouble though). Those bonus points will count towards your class total, even if you have 100% points on labs already.
- Info on how to setup newsgroup access using your favorite email program (Outlook, etc) at https://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/connecting.html#news
- Watch the Binky Pointer video! http://cslibrary.stanford.edu/104/
2004-01-25 - Added student-teacher communication guidelines in the 'Staff' section.
- Labs must be completed during your lab time, unless your TA explicitly offers 'delayed checkoffs'. This is a correction over what was mentioned in the lecture notes.
- Quizzes are up! See the calendar under 'Reading'.
2004-01-16 Welcome to CS61C!