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8/25/2003 Welcome to 61C. Hope you had a good summer!
8/25/2003 Detailed General Course Information is available here. This will be handed out at the first lecture.
9/3/2003 Homework 2 has been posted. Homeworks will be due by 9am on Wednesdays from now on. (Homework 1 solutions are now available.)
9/5/2003 There will be no course reader this semester. Readings will be available on the website.
9/5/2003 Starting Sept 15, the Monday 3pm discussion section will meet in 320 Soda instead of 105 Latimer.
9/5/2003 The reading for the semester has been updated. Make sure you're doing the correct reading for next week (K&R 7,8).
9/7/2003 The Tuesday 9am and 10am discussion sections have both moved to 310 Soda, starting this week.
9/15/2003 Project 1 has been posted.
9/25/2003 Project 2 has been posted.
10/03/2003 Midterm 1 Review Session: Sunday, Oct 5, 7:30-9:30pm, 306 Soda
Slides are on Alex's page

10/04/2003 HKN Review Session: Monday, Oct 6, 8-10pm in the 2nd floor study lounge of Cory
10/06/2003 The midterm is Tues, 10/7, 7-9pm, 1 Pimentel
10/07/2003 Solutions to HW6 and Proj2 have been posted.
10/08/2003 Midterm 1 statistics:
  N=237, mean=17.71, median=17, histogram
If grades are predicted by scaling all points equivalently, the grade distribution is
   28 A (25-30), 25 B (23-24), 28 C (21-22), 36 D (18-20), 120 F.
But it's more realistic to predict that most people will score better on homework and projects than on exams, leading to this distribution:
   38 A (24-30), 50 B (20-23), 63 C (16-19), 54 D (12-15), 32 F.
This assumes that everyone gets 30/30 homework points and 50/60 project points. You can make your own prediction based on your own numbers.

Before complaining about your exam grade, read our solutions; your TA will regrade your exam only if you show where your paper was not graded according to these standards. We will not entertain arguments that we should have given more partial credit to a particular answer!
10/22/2003 BH's office hour Tues 10-11a is moving to Tues 1-2p. The Wed 1-3 time isn't changing.
11/11/2003 HKN Midterm review today (Tues) 6-8pm, Wozniak Lounge, Soda
11/11/2003 TA Midterm review Wednesday 8-9:30pm, 306 Soda
11/12/2003 Midterm tomorrow (Thu 11/13), 8-10pm.
Last letter of class login A-S: 2050 VLSB.
Last letter of class login T-Z: 2060 VLSB.
Question 0 (1 point): Your name, class login, TA's name, discussion section number.
11/14/2003 Midterm 2 statistics:

N=222, median=23, mean=22.36
                A    B    C    D    F    median
proportional   79   39   38   37   29      B-
optimistic    107   62   36   12    5      B
MT1 and MT2 combined: median=41, mean=40.7
proportional   39   37   30   55   61      D+
optimistic     58   61   73   23    7      B
Optimistic assumes 30/30 on hw, 50/60 on projects. This is probably much closer to the truth than the simple proportional scaling of scores.
11/15/2003 Wawrzynek's written lecture notes for the previous four lectures, are now linked to the calendar, below. Some are revised to correct errors.
12/9/2003 Final Exam will be in 1 Pimentel, Wednesday 12/10, 8-11am.
12/2/2003 If you are experiencing a problem compiling with the iverilog command (no output generated), try using "iverilog-0.6" instead.
12/2/2003 The TA's will hold a final exam review session Friday night 7-9pm, 306 Soda
[Alex's Slides]
11/22/2003 Solutions for project 5 and the Verilog Adder lab have been linked to the calendar below.
11/22/2003 There is an error in the project handout - a fixed version has been linked to the calender.
The HALT instruction has it "op" field (bit positions 26-31 all 1's). The original handout mistakenly said "func" instead of "op".
Also, the code for the recommended CPU test-bench can be copied from ~cs61c/lib/proj6/testbench.v.
11/21/2003 Grading complaint deadlines: Grades for all assignments should be posted according to the schedule below. Complaints about missing or incorrect grades must be received by 5pm on the dates shown below, or we won't consider them! To file a complaint, send email to your reader and your TA. There are no HW11, HW13, or HW15; everyone will get credit for HW1.
assignment      grades         complaint
                posted         deadline

Proj1-3,        now            Wed 11/26

HW12,Proj4      Wed 11/26      Wed 12/3

Proj5           Wed 12/3       Mon 12/8

HW14,Proj6      Mon 12/8       Wed 12/10