Old News Never Dies, It Just Fades Away


Extra Proj 4 Grading Times: We'll be doing Project 4 grading tomorrow from 11am until 2pm in 271 Soda. No signup, just come and get checked off.


Proj 4 Grading: You may now sign up for Project 4 grading. If you see this before the Thursday morning time slots and you can make those times, please sign up for them... It would help us out a lot.


Logisim Beta 10: For those of you still hard at work, we are now working with Logisim Beta 10.


Final Review Slides: The slides from today's final exam review session are now available. We are also still providing one of Dan's old finals and its solution to help you study.


Dan's Office Hours This Week: Dan will be holding office hours from noon to 3pm on Tuesday, 2005-05-10 in 795 Soda (overflowing to 751 Soda if necessary).


Proj 4: Project 4 (CPU Design) is now available. Steven is the TA in charge and the assignment will be due 5-9. This project will use Logisim 2, see details in the assignment. Please help us out by providing Feedback/Suggestions and Bug Reports for Logisim 2.


End of Semester Survey: This week's lab includes the end of semester survey. Please, whether you attend lab or not, take the time to fill out the survey thoughtfully. We take your suggestions very seriously.


Logisim Beta 5: Details here.


Final Review: The final exam review session will be held Sunday, May 8 at 2pm in 10 Evans. In addition to holding the review session, we are also providing one of Dan's old finals and its solution to help you study.


Discussion Notes: For those of you have forgotten already, Casey's and Steven's discussion notes are posted at http://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~cs61c/TAnotes/. Casey's notes are now all complete with solutions, including this week. Good luck studying!


Slightly Newer Logisim Version: Details here.


New Logisim Version: Details here.


Proj 3 Pretest: The pretesting autograder is now running for Project 3. As per usual, these tests represent a very minimal subset of the tests that will be used for the final grades on the project. However, they should be enough for a sanity check. You should get an email from the autograder within 30 minutes after submitting.


Office Hour Change: Andy will be holding his office hour from 5:00-6:00 on Thursday in 511 Soda this week instead of on Friday. Steven will be holding office hours this week from 11-12 in 271 Soda on Friday instead of his normal office hours.


Proj 3: Project 3 (a cache simulator) has been posted. The TA in charge is Casey. Due date is 4-27.


HW8: Homework 8 has been posted. The TA in charge is Danny. It is due Monday, 18 April, at 11:59 pm.


Homework 6 Grading: Homework 6 will be graded as a part of checkoff in lab this week. Please make a special effort to be at lab this week. If you miss lab you will need to contact your TA to setup an alternate time to have your homework graded.


Project 1 Grades: Project 1 was entirely autograded and scores are out of 45. If recieved a low score, please check the email from the autograder. If you feel there was an error please contact your reader.


HW7: Homework 7 is now available. It is due before 11:59pm on Monday, April 11. Casey is the TA in charge of this assignment.


Office Hour Change: Steven's office hours for 4/1 are changed from 3-4 to to 11-12. They are still in 271 Soda.

Andy's office hours for 4/1 will also be from 11-12, but in 494 Soda.


Office Hour Cancellation: Dan's office hours for 3/31 are cancelled due to a doctor's appointment.


Updated Readings: The list of readings for this week and next have been updated. While there is no quiz this week, this week's readings are useful and should be considered required.


HW6: Homework 6 is now available. It is due before 11:59pm on Monday, April 4. Danny is the TA in charge of this assignment.


HW5: Homework 5 is now available. It is due in lecture on Friday, March 18. (Submitted on paper rather than online because it involves creating some diagrams.) Andy is the TA in charge of this assignment.


Midterm Regrade: If you would like a regrade on the midterm, please write a short description of why you feel you deserve points back, staple it to your test, and give it to a TA. Be aware that if you ask for a regrade we will regrade your entire exam and it is fair game for your exam score to go down.

See the grading standard to determine whether or not you have a legit complaint.


Midterm Results: The midterms have been graded and are now in the hands of the TA that you indicated on your exam (this may or may not be your discussion TA; we're working on this). Some brief statistics:
Mean: 46.7 Median: 48 Standard Deviation: 14.4

These numbers are subject to change and more details will follow when it isn't 6:00 am.


Casey's section notes: Casey's discussion notes (and solutions!!!) are now available here.


Mid-Semester Survey: The mid-semester survey is now available in Lab 7. To be checked off for the lab you must show your TA or lab assistant the screen indicating that you completed they survey. Even if you (for whatever reason) don't do this week's lab, please complete the survey. We appreciate all the feedback we can get to help improve the course.


Old Midterms: Midterms from previous semesters are available courtesy of HKN. Be aware that the answers in the test files themselves are a little buggy. You should reference the files labeled as "answers" to verify the correct solution. The review session will draw upon problems from last semester, so you may want to try those problems without relying on the solution before coming to the review.


Proj2: Project 2 is now available. It is due before 11:59pm, Friday, March 4. Danny is the TA in charge of this assignment.


Proj1 Pre-Test: The submission system and pre-tester for Project 1 is now available. The pre-test only runs the one sample interaction that Casey provided in the spec, but should help you make sure your solution produces properly formatted output.


HW4: Homework 4 is now available. It is due before 11:59pm, Wednesday, February 23. Andy is the TA in charge of this assignment.


More proj1 updates: A basic sample interaction has been posted. For invalid numbers, please output "Invalid number" as your error message. For reducing rationals to simplest form, Euclid's algorithm is a good choice which should be easy to implement using a division function. See specifications for more details.

Update at 9:30 PM: Sample input and outputs are now provided with instructions on how to debug with them.


Section: Section notes for Steven's section can now be found here


Project 1 update: It is ok to use a int to represent a single digit. We won't actually run a test with a 2^32-1 digit number- with 1 byte/digit this still comes out to 4 billion bytes or 4 gigs of memory required just to store a single number! Needless to say, the instructional machines (and most of your computers) won't be able to handle this. However, we will examine your code to make sure you can theoretically hit this limit if your hardware can support it.


Project 1: Project 1 has been posted. It is due before 11:59pm, Friday, February 18th. Casey is the TA in charge of this project.


READ ME: There was a bug in the pretester earlier that caused it to call anything that didn't compile a successful submissions. This sent out an email that just said " <<All tests passed. " If your code actually worked you would have seen "1: pass 2: pass". In either case, you should now have a second email correcting the problem.


Homework 3 Pre-Test: Submission and pretesting are now available for HW3. You should get an email back from the pretester within half an hour after submission.


Homework 3: HW3 now available. It is due before 11:59pm on Feb 9th. Danny is the TA in charge of this HW.


Homework 2 Pre-Autograder: Just so that we're very clear on this: The autograder that runs on your submission before the deadline is just a pre-test. It is strictly to make sure that your output matches the format that the final autograder will be expecting. The pre-test cases are not the same as the final autograder cases that you will be graded on. Passing the pre-testing autograder does not guarantee that your code works or that you have tested it enough.


More Permanent OH 2: Danny will now be holding Office Hours from 2-3 on Monday and 3-4 on Wednesday. Both will be held in 551 Soda


More Permanent OH: Casey will now be holding Office Hours from 2-4 on Monday and 4-5 on Tuesday. Both will be held in 345 Soda.


Homework 2: HW2 now available. It is due before 11:59pm on Feb 2nd. Steven is the TA in charge of this HW.


First Reading Quiz: The first reading quiz is now available in the calendar. It is due before lecture on Friday. We will have reading quizzes of this type every week and they will count towards your EPA score.


Office Hour Change: Danny will now be holding Office Hours from 2-3 on Monday and 12-1 on Friday. Both will be held in 551 Soda.


Homework 1: The first homework assignment is now available (below in the calendar). It is due before 11:59pm on January 26th. HW1 should be submitted using your class UNIX account. Details are in the assignment. Andy is the TA in charge of this HW.


First Week Office Hours: All four TAs will be holding office hours this week. These office hours may change as the semester progresses:

Andy: Friday 2-3 in 511 Soda
Danny: Wednesday 5-6 & Friday 12-1 both in 751 Soda
Steven: Friday 3-4 in 271 Soda
Casey: Wednesday 2:30-4:30 in 345 Soda


Useful Links: Check out these two useful resources: http://zesty.ca/calweek?specs=COMPSCI+61C & http://sis450.berkeley.edu:4200/OSOC/osoc?p_term=SP&p_dept=cs&p_course=61C


Welcome to CS61c! The course staff looks forward to a great semester with everyone. This webpage will be updated to reflect this semester's dates very shortly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Discussion sections WILL be held this Tuesday & Wednesday even though our first lecture is not until Wednesday afternoon.