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5/8/2006 Midterm III Review Slides Update
Michael has updated the midterm review slides to add more material that was covered during the review session (TLBs) as well as provide solutions to each of the problems covered. The updated slides and more information can be found on his site.
5/7/2006 Midterm III Review Slides
Michael has posted the Midterm III reviews slides on his site
5/6/2006 CS61c Midterm III Review Session
There is a review session this Sunday, May 07 at 10 Evans from 2-4pm.
5/6/2006 Homework 12 solution is posted
5/5/2006 Topics for Midterm 3 is posted
4/29/2006 Homework 12 is posted
This is your last homework of this semester!
4/29/2006 Homework 11 solution is here
4/28/2006 Critical Update for Proj5
Please read the update for proj5. This update explains the meaning of assoc, block_count, and block_size variables that you need for the project.
4/27/2006 Midterm 2 glookup results back online
Grades for midterm 2 are back online in glookup. Please double check if it matches the scanned copy online.
4/26/2006 Midterm 2 glookup results taken offline
There are errors with midterm 2 grades on glookup. They are taken offline 13:00 today to make corrections. The grades on the online scans, as well as your physical copies are correct.
4/24/2006 Midterm 2 Result
4/23/2006 Homework 11 posted. Note that this homework is due Friday 4/28 23:59 instead of the normal Wednesday due time.
4/19/2006 Accesing your cs61c account email
If you are getting "Can't open /var/mail/<your login>", then this means you can no longer access your mail directly with pine without some modification. You can do one of two things:
  1. ssh into and then use pine
  2. configure pine to connect to the mail server directly by running this command: /share/b/adm/bin/
  3. Go to
You can get more information here
4/18/2006 MT2 Review Slides are now online. You can get them here. They include Michael's slides about CPU datapath and pipelining.

Also, Michael will have extended office hours this Wednesday (April 19) from 05:00-06:30pm in 271 Soda.

4/18/2006 Homework 10 solution is online now.
4/14/2006 Pipeline CPU PPT
Hayden has posted the PowerPoint slides he used for last week's discussion online. It has a little animation on how the CPU pipeline works.
4/14/2006 Midterm 2 Review Session
Review session for midterm 2 will be held at 10 Evans, Monday 4/17 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. Here is a summary of topics you should know for midterm 2.
04/13/2006 Project 5
Project 5 (Cache Simulator) project page is now online. Michael is the TA in charge for this project. It is due Monday, May 1, 2006 at 12:00pm.
4/5/2006 Reminder: Project 4 is due Monday 4/10, at NOON.
4/5/2006 Homework 10 is online now. It is due 4/12 23:59.
3/28/2006 Clarification Homework 9 is due after spring break at 4/5 23:59.
3/22/2006 Spring Break Office Hours
Michael will have office hours during spring break during the following times and locations:
  • Sun 3/26 - 271 Soda from 1-5pm
  • Thu 3/30 - Phys-Astr Library from 1-5pm
  • Sun 4/02 - 271 Soda from 1-5pm
3/22/2006 Lecture notes for 3/15 was a continuation of 3/13's lecture. Lecture notes for 3/17 was a continuation of 3/10's lecture. Please refer to the lecture notes from the corresponding lectures.
3/22/2006 Project 4: Processor Design is now online.
3/16/2006 Homework 8 posted.
3/16/2006 Homework 7 solution posted.
3/9/2006 Homework 7 posted.
3/5/2006 Project 3 submission -- Submit sim.c and computer.h that you have copied from the framework as well as your own code in computer.c.
3/4/2006 Project test cases Test cases for project 1 and 2 are posted online. They are located at ~cs61c/projs/testcases/01 and ~cs61c/projs/testcases/02 respectively.
3/4/2006 Project 3 framework code changes -- There were changes made to the framework code for Project 3 on March 1. Instead of passing C struct among functions, pointers of struct are passed. The changes were made to make writing your C code a bit easier. Some of you have started your project early. If you have an old copy of the framework code, and you are comfortable with passing C structures in your functions, you can keep your existing code. No change is needed on your side. The original framework code are located in ~cs61c/projs/03.orig for your reference.
3/4/2006 Reading Assignments for Week 8 Reading assignemnts for week 8 are posted on the web. They are notes from Prof. Wawrzynek.
3/2/2006 Last chance to pickup Midterm 1 -- If you have not picked up your midterm yet, you have one last chance to do so at Michael's office hours this Sunday (March 05) from 1-5pm at the Physics-Astronomy Library (at Hearst Field Annex B).
3/2/2006 Homework 5 solution is posted.
3/2/2006 Homework 6 is posted. It is due 3/8 23:59.
3/1/2006 Midterm 1 Solution is posted.
3/1/2006 Midterm 1 grade distribution.
2/28/2006 Fixed point number representation. Hayden has written up a short description of fixed point number representation and arithmetic. You might find it useful for homework 5.
2/27/2006 Project 3 due day correction. Project 3 is due Monday 3/13 12:00 noon, before the Monday lecture.
2/27/2006 Project 3: MIPS Instruction Simulator is now online