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TA In Charge: Michael (cs61c-ta)


Submitting Your Solution

Submit your solution online by 11:59pm on Tuesday 2007-05-08. Do this by creating a directory named hw2, proj1, proj1_xc, or proj2 that contains the correct files for the respective assignment. From within this directory, type submit hw2_redo, submit proj1_redo, submit proj1_xc_redo, or submit proj2_redo to resubmit the assignment. There are no slip-days for this assignment. The deadline IS Tuesday, May 08, 2007 at 11:59pm.


Many students have voiced their concerns that they were not fairly graded on HW2 or Proj1, or fell behind such that they couldn't do proj2. As a result, we (the staff) are allowing students to resubmit the hw2 and proj1 to better fit the testcases we are using, (or with proj2, get a second chance to do it correctly). This gives you, the student, a chance to redeem a reasonable amount of points lost on the original grading of your assignment.

How It Works

By fixing up your solution, you have a chance to earn back up to 75% of your lost points. For example, if you received a 0 on Proj1, you can earn 75% of the points you lost. Thus, resubmitting a solution that passes 100% of the autograder test cases will earn you 22.5 points max. However, if you originally received a 0 and you earn a 20/30 on the autograder, then you will get 20 points.

If you participate in this, we guarantee your score cannot be lowered than your original grade for the particular assignment. Thus, your grade can't be hurt directly by turning a submission for this redo.

Test cases

We are providing Proj1 testcases in their original and individual forms. These tarballs also have the expected output.

Proj1 XC test cases are now available.

For HW2, we are providing one additional board to help you test wrap around test cases.

For Proj2, we have given you the sprintf calls that were used in each test.

Using Proj1 test cases

Here are directions on how to use the Proj1 testcases .
1. Make a directory in your proj1 folder, named "testcases" for example.
2. Save one of the tarballs (tar.gz files) into this folder.
3. While in your testcase folder, use the following command:

      % tar zxf <file>

   Where <file> is the name of the tarball (include the tar.gz).

4. All the .in and .out files that represent the testcases are in
   testcases folder. Thus, if there is a pair of .in and .out files
   named test.1.foo.in and test.1.foo.out, then type the following:

     % ./microscheme < testcases/test.1.foo.in | diff - testcases/test.1.foo.out 


The HW2 oracle is still accessible via GOL_oracle and you should use diff with the -r flag.

Since we have given you the expected output to each of the proj1 testcases, no oracle will be provided--just use diff.

Because it is difficult to create an oracle for proj2 since MIPS is interpreted, we will give you the expected output instead.


These assignments will be purely autograded. The test cases we use may or may not be the ones we have released. Thus, it is in your best interest to make sure your output files at least match with what is expected. For HW2, the autograder expected output was derived from GOL_oracle. For Proj1, we give you the .out files that the autograder uses to check your submission. For proj2, it is imperative that you get your character counts right.