Homework 14 Grades

Start by answering the question and entering your grades below. Once you are done entering everything, you will be presented with instructions on how you can easily transfer this data into glookup.
Remember not to leave the comment field empty if you are giving yourself a grade of 1, 2, or 3.
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?
Problem Part Grade Comment
11 (a)
12 (b)
21 (a)
22 (b)
23 (c)
24 (d)
25 (e)
26 (f)
31 (a)
32 (b)
33 (c)
41 (a)
42 (b)
43 (c)
51 (a)
52 (b)
53 (c)
61 (a)
62 (b)
63 (c)
71 (a)
72 (b)
73 (c)
74 (d)
Now copy and paste the following into hw14_grades.txt.

Copy the file to the instructional servers and then use the following command to submit it.

# submit hw14_grades

Instead of copying and pasting you can alternatively download hw14_grades.txt here (requires Flash): Download