EECS 1 Spring 2004

This course is intended for freshmen who are majoring in (or who think they might like to major in) electrical engineering and computer science (EECS).The lecture component of the course is a survey of the major areas of the field. The laboratory component is a two hour per week, hands-on, opportunity to discover the tools of the trade.  

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Electrical Bloopers

Important Announcement


Prof. White will hold an office hour 9-11am Wednesday. Also he has put a few problems with answers in a marked bin in 497 Cory. Feel free to pick them up and practice!


Patrick will hold his office hour as usual next week. Time: 9:30am-11:30am Place: 145 Cory.


Prof. White will hold an office hour 3-5 Wednesday May 12, and another 9-11 on Friday May 14 in 491 Cory.


Matt's office hour will be held from 5pm to 6pm on Monday and from 5:30pm to 6:30pm on Tuesday in 145 Cory next week. Note that the place Matt holds his office hour next week changed from 471 Cory to 145 Cory.


For those who have not picked up the homework in the last class, the homeworks were placed into the numbered homework folders in the bins in 497 Cory. Extra handout copies are also there. Feel free to pick them up anytime.


A solution for the sample final exam is available.


If you would like to check out your lab grades so far, please send an email to Patrick (


Welcome back from the Spring Break! The final exam group is 16. It will be held at 3102 Etcheverry Hall from 12:30pm to 3:30pm on Thursday May 20th. NOTE: Remember to review the circuit problems in your homeworks!

Old announcements


Homework 1 Due in class Wednesday 01/28/04 [DOC][PDF]

Homework 2 Due in class Monday 02/09/04 [DOC][PDF]

Homework 3 Due in class Wednesday 02/18/04 [DOC][PDF]

Homework 4 Due in class Wednesday 02/25/04 [DOC][PDF]

Homework 5 Due in class Wednesday 03/03/04 [DOC][PDF]

Homework 6 Due in class Wednesday 03/31/04 [DOC][PDF] (Note: The DOC file is about 140KB, but the PDF file is about 1.4MB because it was scanned.)

Homework 7 Due in class Wednesday 04/07/04 [DOC][PDF]

Homework 8 Due in class Monday 04/19/04 [DOC][PDF](Deadline postponed to 4pm on 04/19)

Homework 9 Due in class Wednesday 04/21/04 [DOC][PDF]

Homework 10 Due in class Wednesday 05/05/04 [DOC][PDF](Deadline postponed to 4pm on 05/05)

Tutoring and More:

The EECS honor society, HKN (or Eta Kappa Nu, in Greek) offers tutoring for various EECS courses including EECS 1.  The Society is located in Room 290 Cory Hall.  Their contact information is posted outside that room, and their web site is

Lab Schedule (145 Cory)
Monday 1-3: Patrick Chan
Tuesday 330-530: Patrick Chan, Matthew Last

Teaching Staff

Lecturer: Professor Richard White
Lecture: 4-5 Wednesday, 247 Cory
Discussion: 4-5 Monday, 289 Cory
Office Hours: Tu 2:00-3:00 or by appointment in 491 Cory

GSI Lab Instructors:

Patrick Chan
Lab: 1-3 Monday, 145 Cory
Lab: 330-530 Tuesday, 145 Cory
Office Hours: 9:30-11:30 Tuesday, 145 Cory

Matthew Last
Lab: 330-530 Tuesday, 145 Cory
Office Hours: 5-6 Monday, 145 Cory & 5:30-6:30 Tuesday 145 Cory

Common Email: (Use this address only if you would like to send an email to both Professor White and the GSI) Professor White and GSIs

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