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EE100 EE42/43: Electronic Techniques for Engineering

Fall 2008

Tu Th, 8:00 am - 9:30 am, 145 Dwinelle Hall

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Nonlinear relaxation oscillator
The circuit shown here is a square-wave generator that you will build in lab. Circuits like these highlight the goal(s) of this class:
1. To help you learn basic concepts of electrical engineering and apply them to study useful circuits.
2. Build such circuits in lab. This will help you understand the practical limitations of circuit theory and hence make you think about the important differences between the academic world and the real world.

  • Instructor:
    Leon O. Chua

  • Course coordinator: Bharath
    Office Hours: NONE.
    Bharath is not involved in teaching.

    Email addresses, office
    hours and location are in bspace
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  • Lab head TA: Mervin John
  • TA 1: Kyle Braam
  • TA 2: Jack Yaung
  • TA 3: George Cramer
  • TA 4: Mark Lewis
  • TA 5: William Grossman

  • Reader 1:
    Merline Hidayat
  • Reader 2:
    Sandy Wiraatmadja