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University of California - Berkeley

Spring 2001

Electronic Techniques for Engineering

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Syllabus for Course in PDF Format

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VEE Programs for Laboratory

Instructor:         Edward C. Morse
                           4115 Etcheverry Hall
                           tel. 642-7275

                           Office Hours: Tuesday 1:30 to 2:30

Text:                   S. Schwarz and W. Oldham,
                            Electrical Engineering: An Introduction,
                            Second Edition, Harcourt Brace Publishing, 1999.

Reference:         Visual Programming with  HPVEE, by Helsel

Grading:  Maximum of

                           Homework 15%
                           Labs 15%
                           Midterm I 15%
                           Midterm II 15%
                           Final 40%


                           Homework 15%
                           Labs 25%
                           Midterm I 10%
                           Midterm II 10%
                           Final 40%

Teaching Assistants and Office Hours:
Matt Allen       TBA
David Yeager        5-7PM Tuesdays and Thursdays

Office Hours for Yeager are conducted in Room 179MCory Hall
Instructions for finding 179M Cory
Office Hours for Matt Allen are in 4116 Etcheverry.

1. These will be issued every Wednesday in class, and also postedon the web site.
2. They are due the following Wednesday by 4 pm sharp in the boxlabelled EECS 100 in front of 267 Cory Hall.
3. Late Charge: Grade'=Grade*0.9**N, N is days late not counting Sunday. After deadline of due date=1 day late.
4. Graded homeworks may be picked up from the outbox in front of 267 Cory Hall.
5. Homework solutions will be posted on the web site.
6. If you have questions about the grading on a particularhomework, write down your concern neatly, staple it to yourhomework, and put it in the homework inbox.  The reader willreview your concern and return it to the homework outbox.

1. There will be two 75 minute, in-class midterms. The dates willbe announced later.
2. The midterms are closed book, closed notes. You will be allowed one 8-1/2"x11"  sheet of notes.

1. Pick up a Lab Manual from Odin Readers, 2146 Center Street,Berkeley (841-7323).
2. Choose a lab partner. You will work with this person for the whole semester.  Groups of more than two are only allowed for over-full labs.
3. The lab portion of thegrade is determined by the TA of the lab section.
4. labs begin in Week Two. There will be 5 labs, each one or two weeks as indicated on the syllabus.There is also a final project.
5. Come prepared. Read the manual before hand.
6. For each lab, you must prepare a report. This must be typed.It is due at the start of the following lab.
7. The lab grade will be based on your lab skills (as assessed bythe TA) and the lab reports.

Final Exam:


Course Outline
Weekly Topics and Reading Assignments

Syllabus for Course in PDF Format