EE 100 Laboratory Guidelines

Here is the Lab Schedule Matrix (updated: 01/27)

Lab location
The lab is in 140 Cory hall. Check the map to find out where Cory hall is located. The lab is actually in 140AB Cory hall. To get there, go to 140 and the lab is the first door on your right. A TA MUST BE PRESENT IN 140 FOR YOU TO ACCESS THE LAB.

Each Lab Experiment will be graded out of a maximum of 20 points. Prelab is worth 4 points, the rest 16 points will be on the lab report. Unsubmitted lab reports and/or prelab will be given no points. Prelab and lab reports will be returned the following week.

Lab Makeup
If you cannot make your scheduled lab session because of a valid reason (sickness, family emergency, etc), it is imperative that you let your TA know before the lab starts. You can make up your missed lab only within 2 weeks of your scheduled lab session date. You can come in to other lab sessions during the week to make up your missed lab (there are 10 lab sessions throughout the week). If you are making-up a lab, please let the TA of that lab know that you will be coming to make up a lab before you come to the lab.

Before the Lab
  1. Print and read the lab experiment before the lab starts
  2. Prelab will be collected 15 minutes after the scheduled lab start time. No late submission will be accepted.
  3. Come on time!

After the lab
  1. Answer all questions pertaining to the lab experiment
  2. Turn off all instruments on your bench and return components to appropriate locations
  3. Clean up your bench and work area !!
  4. Submit your lab report before you leave - There is no take home report

Missing/Cancelled labs
  1. If you miss a lab for a valid reason, you have two weeks to make up the lab in any other lab section. Same goes to labs that cannot be held due to holidays (thanksgiving etc).
  2. If a lab section is cancelled completely at the start of the semester, it is your responsibility to get into another lab section. If you can't get into any lab section because of valid reasons, talk to Bharath

Lab Reports, Prelabs and Lab Guides
  1. These are found in the reader which you buy from Copy Central on Hearst and Euclid (green dot on the map)
  2. The lab is worth 20 points, prelab is 4 points and the lab report is 16 points. If there is no prelab, the lab report is worth 20 points.
  3. There is no take home lab report, please turn in your lab report at the end of the lab to your TA.
  4. Prelab is individual, lab report is to be turned in groups.
  5. Lab report is graded not only on correctness, but also for cleaning up the work station after finishing your lab (5 points) and neat wiring (1 point).